Who is really teaching our Children

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Toecutter, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Toecutter

    Toecutter Moderator

    More ditch-diggers or in this instance Taco Bell worker’s

    Maspeth HS diplomas 'not worth the paper' they're printed on

    Let them work at Taco Bell.

    Maspeth High School created fake classes, awarded bogus credits, and fixed grades to push students to graduate — “even if the diploma was not worth the paper on which it was printed,” an explosive investigative report charges.

    Principal Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir demanded that teachers pass students no matter how little they learned, says the 32-page report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools, Anastasia Coleman.

    “I don’t care if a kid shows up at 7:44 and you dismiss at 7:45 — it’s your job to give that kid credit,” the principal is quoted as telling a teacher.
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  2. MeAgain

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    This is an old policy.
    Back in 1974 I was teaching at a local public school and at that time we still entered grades on report cards by hand. At the last grading period the previous grades were totaled for the year to see if a class was passed for that year. If a certain class was needed to be passed for a student to graduate and the administration wanted to get rid of a student, or if parental pressure was great enough, teachers would be pressured to make sure the final grade allowed for the class to be passed and thus allow for the student to graduate. If a teacher refused that was okay because upon returning the next year the teacher would find that the student had been awarded a diploma and if the records were checked he or she would find that the grade had been mysteriously changed by a higher entity, and an investigation better not occur.

    Public and private school administrators both do this as the school's status, certification, monetary funding, etc. relies on it's success.
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  3. marcco

    marcco Senior Member

    in england ,,our primary schools are top quality ,though i suggest high school doesnt match up ,to the same kind of education ,some say they went to the school of life , most kids do most of there learning at home by watching what there parents do ,i believe that these life skills are being deteriorated ,by parents ,that do not understand that concept ,of cooking real food ,sitting at a table to eat it
  4. wooleeheron

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    I know people who lay sewer pipe for a living, which can be dangerous work. A decade or so ago, Alaska first thawed, then froze, which is normal, except it thawed the ground all the way down to the pipes, 8' underground, then froze them all again and burst them. Practically every farm kid that could run a backhoe had to go to Alaska to dig up all those broken pipes.
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  5. erofant

    erofant Members

    So then ......... the thinking - and claims - made by some segments of our "society" ........... is that you're stupid, lazy, and you went to the "wrong schools." (Not my words ............ theirs.)

    I saved a syndicated newspaper column from a few years ago by a nationally-syndicated conservative REPUBLICAN columnist who said those EXACT WORDS in her column. Now we ALL know how the ELITIST REPUBLICAN folks see anyone who works with their hands.

    (Not all Republican folks are bad .......... MILLIONS of avg. Republican Americans actually work with their hands too .......... but they're looked down on by their HUGE MONEY, party "leaders", and HUGE MONEY party donors too. They only matter at the voting booth ........... after which they - like the majority of the population - are ignored and legislatively abused.)
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  6. erofant

    erofant Members

    Thank-you for what you did back then - and TRIED to do - as teacher. My own life-success is a result of my public school education, and the never-ending "tickling" of our curiosities by teachers. They made learning an adventure for the most part - an endeavor worth packing a lunch & putting on our hiking boots.

    Thank GOD for those teachers.
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  7. MeAgain

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    I dug them at our house for water. We couldn't afford a backhoe or ditchwitch.
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  8. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I suppose I could have done something else rather than work at the worlds oldest trade--that of roofing. ( I tried working in a bank-- god-awful!)worked on Jupiter Island and other "exclusive "areas of Palm Beach. I saw and felt the disdain those type folks have for hands on workers. If I tried to talk to them, they'd back up as if I was covered in dangerous bugs! Funny fuckin' people.:rolleyes:
  9. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed & Confused Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I thought there was another world's oldest trade"?
  10. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    No sir. When our ancestors were seeking shelter to stay alive, they were not seeking walls. They were not seeking floors. they were not seeking sex. To have sex in the open would have invited all kinds of mischief and problems from weather. They were seeking some form of protection from ABOVE. This above eventually became known as roofing when some primitive humans seemingly had a knack / desire to do a good job of it and were then engaged in doing so for trade or some form of remuneration. To further this profound statement I've made--next time you get a leak on your roof--call a whore!!:confused::D:D
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  11. erofant

    erofant Members

    LOL !!!!
  12. erofant

    erofant Members

    You realize I wasn't the one making those derogatory statements, right?? ( my post #25 above ).That Republican columnist said them (and I've heard similar statements made by other "respectable" conservatives.) One said - on TV - "....if you're not rich, it's because you're lazy or stupid." I have never - and will never - think as they do. Dirty hands .............. clean money.

    "Pillars of the community" types.
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  13. erofant

    erofant Members

    To follow this line of thinking ..........

    The next time we need sex ..................... call a roofer??? o_O:confused::eek:
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  14. Tyrsonswood

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    Let's not...
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  15. scratcho

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    hahahaha---alrighty then!:D
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