WHile I TRipp!!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Gregonzo, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    While I tripp
    I should be outside

    But it is 12 degrees F.

    Instead I'll share my thought with all of you

    If we all (who are reading or have read this). Focus our energies together w/ a vibe of love...and no whimppy shit either...a hardcore sexxxy deep powerfully enlightening, beam of celestaila energy...put it together...let us focus it towards evil, George Bush, RAcism, Hate, Complacency, greed, WAR!!

    And maybe We can DESTROY iT?

    I dunno, just ate an ounce of fungi

    about 3 hours ago...I am surprized I can type at all.

    but I love you my brothers and sisters

    and may my energy make your your day beautiful..............

    She shines on me like a newborn sun
    I transmitted a message shouted 8,000 years ago
    and yes, Ichticka Aztec warrior,

    SHe Loves YOu. :X
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    haha uh, you probably should have went outside :D
  3. amberfilter

    amberfilter Member

    but if he went outside, he may have had to pee himself out of an avalanche, which was really just a snowball. Then we would have had to read about that in the news.
  4. HippyCor$ter

    HippyCor$ter Ackamonkey

    Shrooms effect your eyes not your brain!
  5. Gregonzo

    Gregonzo Member

    Shrooms effect your eyes not your brain!

    my good man....there is no hallucinogen that effects your "eyes and not your Brain"

    please read "Trips" How hallucinogens work in the brain.....

    got some good R. Crumb pictures in it to keep your attention!


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