Which republican do you hate the most?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hip Pickle Rick, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    Manifest hate , then control it ?
  2. Hip Pickle Rick

    Hip Pickle Rick Members Lifetime Supporter

    Evolve to a position above hate, like being above a chess board and playing both sides. A higher level than competition. Zen like.
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  3. loveslovely

    loveslovely Members

    im not fan of mcconnell i just think he just something else and just refuse to send people a stimulus check so selfish and only care about what makes him look good and trump delusional followers believe anything he says smh he just so irky to me always stay lookin like a turtle
  4. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    We need to distinguish between utilitarianism and expediency. Utilitarianism pursues he greatest happiness for the greatest number of people in the long run. Expediency seeks what is convenient for the actor in the short run. Enlightened utilitarianism might eschew genocide, since it would open Pandora's box. It would be better to keep utilitarianism on a short leash, and to supplement it with deontological and contractarian perspectives: deontologists treat humans as ends instead of simply means. Contractarians insist that everyone, not just the greatest number, must benefit from a practice. That would pretty much rule out genocide. On the other hand, a philosophy that allows demagogues to have their way out of pacifism can easily lead to that, as it has in the past. Hatred of evil, and of politicians who embody and practice it (Hitler, Stalin, Trump, etc.), helps to bring the reality of their monstrosity into focus. That doesn't mean we must hate them to the core, and hate the underlying human being they were. We can mourn the turn of events that led Hitler from an early calling as a kitsch painter, Mussolini as a journalism, and Stalin as a seminarian. But to gloss over the evil mustn't confuse us and divert us from our duty to pursue justice. At the sentencing stage, we can take into account Himmler's kindness to dogs. Pacifism during World War II was immoral.
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  5. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    I find the most confounding concept we have is "opposition" . It's root meaning is "to spit out , perhaps to puke" .
    Some people will hold this concept as their center of all relations . I have met several such people , yet only
    one or two who mastered it beautifully like Coyote .
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  6. Hip Pickle Rick

    Hip Pickle Rick Members Lifetime Supporter

    After reading all these posts, I can no longer choose any one Republican to dislike the most. The party is just too corrupt and it's minions are too complicit. The guilt is ubiquitous. Very, very sad indeed. :(
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  7. granite45

    granite45 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hate leads to violence...but I certainly think a mandatory re-education program is in order.
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  8. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    Philosophy for Children is a nice educational concept .
  9. erofant

    erofant Members

  10. Gangster19

    Gangster19 Members

    Thats an easy one : The Most Republican One Of All (If by Republican you mean hypocritical, self righteous, bigoted, racist, elitist, full of shit windbag) DONALD "I'M PRESIDENT!!!! I'M PRSIDENT!!!!! WAAAAAAA WAAAAAA" TRUMP!!
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  11. Gangster19

    Gangster19 Members

    And this piece of shit is a close second.......
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  12. Cookie Man

    Cookie Man Members

    I sort of hesitate to use the word hate but I have zero respect for McConnell,Graham, Newt Gingrich but Trump is lower than a snakes belly so I reserve my most intense opprobrium for him..
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  13. Eric!

    Eric! Supporters Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Yeah, he’s about a creep

  14. erofant

    erofant Members

    The REPUBLICAN PARTY has NEVER been the party of the avg. American. They just do a brilliant job of convincing avg. Americans that they're looking out for them & their interests. My advice ......... watch what they do - what laws they push for and enact. THAT will prove who and what they stand for.

    For the avg. American worker .......... man or woman ............

    The REPUBLICANS have said publicly and tried for decades to weaken, defund, or eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Muck-mouth McConnell repeatedly says on TV that it's the best way to balance the budget. Whose budget??? The REPUBLICAN PARTY - with Trump's blessing - re-wrote the tax laws that gave multi-millionaires, multi-billionaires, and big corporations hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in tax breaks. So then Muck-mouth McConnell AGAIN went on the attack at Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid to make up for the tax breaks given to the very richest ( and biggest Republican Party donors, BTW ). So for all the avg. Americans out there - Democrats, Independents, AND Republicans - how do you think you'll survive if your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were slashed???? Or eliminated??? How rich are YOU??? Rich enough to pay for all your living expenses AND your health care???

    Many ask - "Why would they do that - slash Social Security or eliminate it?? " The answer is SIMPLE - the most powerful and well-funded union in the country, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (the business community and big corporations) - wants it gone. ( The bulk of political money donated to the REPUBLICAN PARTY is from big business ). They don't want a Federally-mandated law that says they have to contribute a set percentage of a worker's wages toward their retirement. Right now the employer and the worker BOTH contribute almost the same exact amount into Social Security plans. If the Social Security laws were scrapped, employers would have no legal reason to contribute to workers' retirement, and they can pocket ALL THAT MONEY they would normally have to put away for American workers. Some will say that their employer puts some money into a 401-K plan for them .............. but there's NO law that says they HAVE to. With no law (if the Social Security laws disappear) forcing them to contribute to workers' retirements, they have no incentive to do so anymore. They can decide to slash the 401-K money they contribute to workers .............. and workers will have NO LEGAL WAY to get those 401-K contributions reinstated again. If employers match your contribution into your 401-K today - typically $.50 cents to your dollar - they'll pocket MUCH MORE ( and you'll get MUCH LESS ) than if Social Security stays intact. The same goes for Medicare & Medicaid. Employers DO NOT want to pay into those anymore. They want that money to go into their pockets and you WILL NOT benefit from those Federal programs anymore. So if you aren't rich enough to pay for EVERYTHING yourself, you're shit out of luck. So ........... How rich ARE YOU????

    Also remember - the REPUBLICAN PARTY has ALWAYS refused to increase the Federal minimum wage. So whose side are they REALLY on??? The avg. American workers ............ or the Chamber of Commerce and their big business union??? How is keeping pay low, and slashing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid good for the avg. American worker - regardless of whether they're Democrat, Republican or Independent???

    For any that think it's better for you & your family to have less - and struggle more, while multi-millionaires & multi-billionaires get even richer on work YOU PERFORM, and the hundreds of billions in tax breaks they got from the REPUBLICAN PARTY & TRUMP - send some of your money to ME and I'll help you be even better off.

    How ANY AVG. AMERICAN - of ANY PARTY - votes for politicians who think and act like the REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS do ......................... is beyond my comprehension. They enact laws - or do away with some - that favor the rich - period.

    I won't even mention the environmental damage they do with their rolling back of environmental laws that save the planet for future generations. Bigger profits are more important to corporations - to hell with the future.
  15. erofant

    erofant Members

    ^^^^ BTW - I've worked HARD all my life in a technical field of big construction. I'm no "slacker" or "welfare-sucker." I'm NOT a flaming liberal either - I'm a center-left individual who thinks this country needs a hell of a lot more common sense than has been displayed recently. IN MANY AREAS.

    American workers DO have rights. American workers are FREE PEOPLE - free to stand up for ourselves and our families. The Constitution guarantees the right to assemble and protest peacefully (NOT riot & loot) without being shot with rubber bullets - or real ones - or be beaten with police batons, and be tear-gassed. The environment is all we have on this one and ONLY life-sustaining rock floating in space. For supposedly being the "smartest" animals on the planet - we're the ONLY ones who trash our home in the name of making bigger profits >>> (by not spending money on cleaner, less polluting technologies - which BTW would also create higher-paying jobs). So just how smart are we humans???? What will our kids and grandkids have to live with and endure because of our lack of vision and care for our only home in space???

    The REPUBLICAN PARTY clearly doesn't stand with - or for any of the above. By their actions you will know them.

    If fairness toward other Americans - and belief in freedom for ALL , not just the rich inner-circle few - and environmental care & caution .......... make me a radical in the eyes of some ......... I'll proudly wear that tag forever.
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  16. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Glad you're back, erofant. As usual, you're right on the money concerning those anti-American republicans. Mystery to me, how ANYONE still sees anything good or fair about them.
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  17. erofant

    erofant Members

    To be clear - my problem isn't with the avg. Republican person living in my neighborhood or working next to me. The vast majority of them are just trying to make a go of it for their families like the rest of us. What I CANNOT understand is those same avg. working Republican GOOD folks voting for the people I list below.

    The ones I cannot stomach are what I call the "power-broker Republicans", who are bought and paid for by corporate and business interests. None of us avg. folks can get an in-person meeting with our Senators or the President ............. but the rich, well-connected, corporate executive type, "inner circle" Republicans can. And it's because of MONEY. BIG MONEY donated to the REPUBLICAN PARTY to get laws enacted that benefit those same insiders so they can keep working people down and get even richer.

    And to that end .............. If any politician says what the U.S. needs is to slash or eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ............ and that working people have no right to organize to stand up for our families' betterment financially, or that environmental protection laws are "burdensome" to the business community ................ those politicians WILL NEVER GET my vote. I'd like to pass on a healthy planet to my kids & grandkids. Clean air - clean, safe drinking water. You know .......... the basics.

    Just as a thought .......... as a contrast to the never-ending attacks toward American workers by THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ............ just think what would happen to our economy if every working - WORKING (not schluffing off) - American got a 20% pay increase. ( This would be far short of the 33% to 35% ANNUAL pay increases raked in by top executives over the last 20 years [public info], but imagine it ONCE for all Americans.) Can you imagine all the folks going out to dinner, building new home additions, renovating their homes, buying new vehicles, maybe buying NEW homes, putting in swimming pools, going on vacations, saving more for kids' college, or investing for a more secure retirement. Having more "jingle" - disposable income in their pockets would be a BOOM for our economy. This is exactly why Warren Buffet told politicians that people like him don't need tax breaks - that bigger tax breaks for working Americans would find their way into our economy. Buffet said the rich aren't going to change their buying habits ( to make up in the economy what the majority of Americans can't afford to buy.)

    But THE REPUBLICAN PARTY keeps up their relentless attacks on American workers, trampling on workers' rights, weakening safety rules and laws, keeping pay low across the board by steamrolling any organized negotiations between workers and businesses. As more and more Americans struggle to make ends meet - even while working full time or possibly at several jobs - what does the U.S. economy need more of ................. the majority of Americans with more disposable income to spend in our economy ................ or another billionaire adding another hundred million dollars to their hoard of loot????

    Saying things like this gets the rich folks crying that we want them broke and penniless. Not at all. Just treat the American workers like the decent human beings we are and the ones who ACTUALLY DO THE WORK. If it weren't for us American workers, they'd have to do every task, test, estimate, engineering project, production, and shipping schedule themselves. How many hundreds of millions or billions of dollars does one need to CHOKE BY in this life??? When does the massive greed end???
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  18. Chester Arthur

    Just because he never gets mentioned
  19. loveslovely

    loveslovely Members

    thank you for saying that this is facts
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  20. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    The list is growing:

    • Emily Murphy, GSA Administrator, who refuses to do her ministerial duty to certify that Biden is the President elect, thereby enabling the transition team to be ready for a smooth transfer of power. ("heavy" is not my word and not intended as a commentary on Ms. Murphy.)
    • William Palmer & Monica Palmer, the Michigan elections board that initially refused to do their ministerial duties to certify Wayne County for Biden (alhough they soon repented).
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