which places did you go barefoot?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by lovebarefoot, May 25, 2014.

  1. lovelyfoxes

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    Easier to answer what places to I wear flipflops or Moccs haha ok so getting into work Ill wear something but once im at work its barefeet... The mall, stores, grocery store, restaurants places liek that, Ill respect the rules :) Now similar places but that are more independent like a coffee shop or a hippie type of store then I can get away with barefeet and then to get where im going really...if there is a destination at the end of my walk and not just going for a walk then Ill wear something to get me there but once Im there always bare feet. Thats about it...everywhere else bare feet...I even wandered around Universal Studios Florida recently barefoot...
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  2. Joe45432

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    The Library i love taking my shoes and socks off there.

    Classroom Shoes and Socks get ripped off
    KFC/ Fast food places (Even tho sometimes i get asked to put them on too)
    Friends houses
    Alot of places.

    Shops i wont tho.

    I do wear shoes (Maybe socks too) when walking in a street tho but they get taken off at some point
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  3. Everywhere. Normally I don't own shoes. Atm I have plastic slippers in case its snowing. But I only wear them when its cold and icey ...
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  4. Barefoooter

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    Congratulations! I'm longing to own no shoes at all, but I have to wear them at work.
  5. BarefootedBoy

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    I have to wear them at work, too, but my friends and neighbors probably wouldn't recognize me in shoes. :)
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  6. Barefoot-boy

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    This reminds me of something. There are some extremists who don't own any shoes at all and go barefoot 24/7/365. I often wonder how they get around that, as most of us need to work in order to live. I figure they must own their own business, be independently wealthy or are retired. I would imagine the majority of workplaces require shoes of some sort.
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    It depends on the industry. Anything customer-facing is probably going to require shoes. I got away with a lot of workplace bare feet as a software designer over the years. Just depends on the culture of the building.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Iv'e Been Full Time Barefoot Now For 11 Years And 5 Months.......Don't Own Any Shoes......Worked For

    Myself On The Farm But I Have Been Retired For Years.....:smilecat:

    Cheers Glen.

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