which places did you go barefoot?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by lovebarefoot, May 25, 2014.

  1. Mattekat

    Mattekat Ice Queen of The North

    Other than yesterday (when I decided to just shut up, put some sandals on and look presentable to go to the salon and shopping with my mom), I haven't worn shoes in about a week!
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  2. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Visited a stately home yesterday and had two nice exchanges. As I arrived, the woman on the gate, who was wearing shorts on a rather dull day, said "Oh, I've got my legs out, but you've got your feet out too!". I replied "Yes, in my head it's always summer!".

    Later on, a woman who was cleaning the wooden stairs to the café said as I approached "Oh, you've got nothing on your feet!". Anticipating a confrontation I said "No, is that ok?". To my surprise she replied "Yes, of course, I was just concerned about you slipping, that's fine!". As I left, walking over the wet stairs and leaving wet footprints at the bottom, she smiled and said "There you are, you'll have clean feet now!". Surprising how often you get a positive reaction :).
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  3. rogerfederrer

    rogerfederrer Member

    How short were your shorts tattgirl? I was in short cut off jean shorts and bare feet all day today(retail stores, shopping malls, eating establishments). The bottoms of my feet were completely black and my shorts were very short and I showed a bit of cheek.
  4. rol the sole

    rol the sole Member

    Great story. It's quite amazing really - I get comments all of the time and they are mostly complimentary - people wishing they had the nerve to do it. Even had a few comments on how nice and healthy my feet look!
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  5. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Yes it's strange, a lot of people seem to secretly wish they had the nerve to do it, but no one actually does anymore as it's even more than ever not the done thing.
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  6. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member

    Today and tuesday i drove halfway down country and worked barefoot. Cos you see some people...real people dont give a shit what i wear its how i treat them that matters.
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  7. mattygroves

    mattygroves Barefooter

    Halfway through a two week holiday from work, so I've had lots of barefoot adventures this week, a few highlights include:

    Spending the day in Skegness with my sister and her friend. I obviously didn't take any shoes, they were in flip flops but spent most of the day barefoot as well, including going around the shops, in the amusements and in a fast food restaurant. Saw a lot of other people barefoot too, and not just near the beach, which was great.

    Went in my local Waitrose barefoot for the first time without a problem.

    Drove the 20 miles to Nottingham, parked up and walked about a mile to the city center in barefeet and jeans. There is a temporary beach set up in the Market Square, so a few other people around barefoot. Only downside was that I had arranged to meet someone, but he freaked out when he saw I was barefoot and I had to buy a cheap pair of flip flops to walk the half a mile to his house. Threw them in his bin when I left.

    Another week of full time barefooting to go. Yes.
  8. Dan Gerous

    Dan Gerous Guest

    There is something wonderful about leaving the house without any shoes!

    I drove to Farnborough and got a train to Basingstoke and wondered around the shopping centre. A few strange looks but nobody said anything. Glorious weather meant I got to shuffle through leaves barefoot before returning on the train and driving home.
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  9. I'm going barefoot to the King of Prussia mall tonight. It's the biggest indoor mall in the area.
  10. Robey

    Robey Guest

    Just left Target and was barefoot in there for about an hour.Saw a mom wearing barefoot sandals with her two little kids who were barefoot
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  11. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    I did a bit of overtime on Saturday, again helping clear out some old files, but in a different office so I was with people from there who I've not met before. I started out thinking I'd best at least wear flip-flops, but in the end I thought sod it, it's the w/e so I'll go for it. To my surprise the girl in charge turned up I ff, then after a while, inspired by me (I like to think) was bf as well. The job entailed getting old stuff from the underground car park, so our feet soon got black. No one else said anything either.
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  12. Dan Gerous

    Dan Gerous Guest

    Yesterday was a gorgeous warm autumn day in London and I drove to Kew Gardens and got a parking place about 100 yards from one of the quieter entrances. I left my sandal in the car and spent the next 90 minutes or so just wandering around, shuffling through leaves etc. The gardens were very quiet and I don't think anyone evennoticed my bare feet.
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  13. RT19

    RT19 Member

    I walked along a public walking footpath the other day to get to the woods near my house. Like a few have said I got a few odd looks and some smiles. Sadly no other barefoot encounters which was a shame as it was a glorious autumn afternoon.
  14. nuspieds

    nuspieds Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Barefoot in Autumn IS gorgeous. (OW those fucking acorns!)
  15. Peeptoe86

    Peeptoe86 Member

    Hell this is a lovely, sensual thread. I wear shoes a lot, but I do also love barefoot and I could quite easily walk out into a garden - but much not up a street, and round here... If I walked outside then I'd walk inside without thinking twice about dirt or anything. Life's too short. Hubby would prefer them (my feet) reasonably clean, if he's going to 'worship' them, which is odd - but I won't go into that, on this thread.

    Some of these were a serious pleasure to read.
  16. tallguy

    tallguy Member

    Apple Store today
  17. I go to the hardware store barefoot all the time they know me for that.

    I was worried about a hassle the first time when they first opened and I went in but the conversation when they noticed became how do I walk on that hot pavement outside in Florida summer and I had fun explaining what a scam shoes are.

    I really noticed I adapted to hot surfaces when I was with other people barefoot and they were getting all burned and it didn't bother me a bit.
  18. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    I went to saw Cheap Trick play at an indoor performing arts theater!
  19. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    i went and saw Dr Strange at a movie theater and got something to eat from Bojangles
  20. [​IMG]

    Winter is near.
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