which places did you go barefoot?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by lovebarefoot, May 25, 2014.

  1. lovebarefoot

    lovebarefoot Guest

    i would go always 24/7 barefoot if i dare
  2. Shakti_Om

    Shakti_Om Local Pixie HipForums Supporter

    I dare and I do! :D :)
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  3. quodlibet

    quodlibet Member

    On a beach in Cornwall once. I can't remember the precise reason it was done for, but I'm almost certain it wasn't done for a dare.
  4. Shakti_Om

    Shakti_Om Local Pixie HipForums Supporter

    I can just picture you on beach in your flat cap and rolled up trousers sat in a deck chair building the urge to take off your brogues. :mickey: x
  5. Moonfox13

    Moonfox13 Member

    I went barefoot in eastern Washington st. last weekend. My friends and I walked a mile to a gas station from a state park. It was hot but it was worth it.
  6. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    just about everyplace you can think of...excpet to work
  7. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member


    Well Im called Tatt Girl cos I have 2 tats on each foot. Oh I also have toe rings and anklets. Owned by my man lol.
    Well he is away and I miss him so much. I send him photos each day so he knows I am still his barefoot bitch. Cos barefooting is my natural state. As much as possible I barefoot EVERYWHERE yes absolutely everywhere.
    The mall, EVERY MALL, shopping, work around the office, driving, to the Dr, hospital, absolutely no shoes worn in my house, been to a rugby game at Eden Park Auckland,

    Some anal people have a real problem with barefeet especially dirty hard worn barefeet such as mine. Hey I just be me and go with the flow sometimes I laugh at the stupid fools and eventually comply with society and other times I simply walk on.
    I love the days when I walk hand in hand with my man or tease him in shops posing my feet pointing my toes and getting filthy as he loves,
    And hey one day and I say one day I will get married barefoot.

    Tatt Girl bein real.
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  8. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member

    Hi Ya

    Still barefooting in NZ. Been to the local hardware store, stripped wall paper, went driving in fine weather. Had coffee at my daughters and then came home and sprayed all the edges and weeds in my yard. What Im annoyed at is carpet clean.!! I manage to get my feet hard and filthy then I come home and soon they are cleaned by carpet again. Of course not lily white clean as a true barefooter has hard tan feet all the time.

    Bein real

    Tatt girl

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Been Barefoot 24/7/365 For 8 Years Now, No One Gives Me A Second Glance,

    Love It More And More With Every Passing Day... :daisy:

    Cheers Glen.
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  10. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    That's actually quite an achievement, Glen. Well done.

    Tattgirl I agree about carpet. Even worse of course is wet grass. A short walk on that and my filthy feet are pristine.
  11. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member

    Yea agree I have managed to avoid wet grass this week but dispite dirt gardening and under ground carparks carpet at work still cleaned my feet,
    I have been barefoot 90% this whole week. My man is in LOndon this week sooo no one specific to show off to BUT the whole time he has been away 4 weeks so far I have been my barefoot bitch self at least 90% I wish it was 100% but alas I have to work so must comply to social ideals. BLahh If I won lotto shoes would totally go. I have no need for them. Barefoot is the ultimate in freedom, feel good and natural sexuality.
  12. nuspieds

    nuspieds Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Tattgirl: YEP !!!
  13. SwitchyWoman

    SwitchyWoman Member

    I want to be barefoot (and used to be most of the time) but since I'm so cold natured my toes would freeze.
  14. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member

    Well so was I my feet would be numb they were so cold but no shit since I have lived a barefoot life outside of work. I am never cold these days. and actually I have never felt so well either. I have been all winter barefoot at home and most of the time at work and never cold.
    I was brought up in the dessert so believe me New Zealand was flippin cold for me.
    So try it,
  15. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Yep, I think all of the excuses for not going barefoot are the result of social/parental conditioning. What will people think of me? It's far too cold! I'll step on some glass and die of tetanus. It's just not appropriate. Etc etc. They're only feet ffs! No one actually cares! I agree with tattgirl. You'll be surprised what your feet can stand and you'll feel all the better for it. I'm actually looking forward to the winter weather and having some barefoot walks through the snow and slush. It's a great feeling, and as long as you don't exceed sensible limits, no, your feet don't fall off!
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  16. SwitchyWoman

    SwitchyWoman Member

    My husband is going to be laughing his hiney off seeing me walking around the house all bundled up except for my feet. teehee.

    I used to keep the house at a warmer temperature before we moved in together, now we have an agreed upon thermostat temp that is too cold for me and too warm for him.

    Don't get me wrong, I love being barefoot and actually quite love my feet. Awhile back I noticed that anytime I was out and about and taking pics with friends I always found a pic of my feet in the bunch. I joke around that I have a foot fetish, but it's just of my own feet.
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  17. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    Yep people tease me too for being "appropriately" dressed apart from my feet. Was quite comforted when I was talking to a friend at the weekend about my love of being barefoot and she said she no longer even noticed. I kind of have a fetish about my own feet too. Doesn't really bother me if others are barefoot or not. Just have to have mine out!
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  18. tattgirl

    tattgirl Member

    Yep same and at work now is soooo liberating mostly no one even cares anymore. My barefeet are just me. One person calls me bush baby which is quite fine with me cos I love the bush. I have been barefoot 5 days straight 24/7 which is no easy task as I work for govt department !!! Young ones I work with love the tatts too.
    My man is still away on the other side of the world but I love sending him the pic's and knowing it makes him crazy for my feet. hehehehe I love that something so basic as being free and barefoot can be such fun and turn on to my guy.
  19. phill32

    phill32 Member

    I totally agree about wet grass, after a ten minute walk today my feet were like I just got out the bath. The grass seemed extra cold too but just need to toughen my feet up as I'm still in the starting out barefooting phase. Well done to all of you that are barefoot all the time, I hope I can get to where you are in time and with practise..
  20. phill32

    phill32 Member

    I agree about the no one actually cares. I've only really started this year after absolutely years of thinking about it and that's all because of the 'what will people think of me?'. It was brilliant when I finally went barefoot outdoors to find that no one paid any attention to my feet at all!

    The social conditioning around bare feet being in some way weird and abnormal is so crazy. Though I'm making progress and am bare foot much more than a year ago, when I think logically about how I currently feel about being bare foot it still is quite illogical. For example, I am now fairly comfortable walking down the street barefoot and can walk past people without feeling I need to cross the road so they don't see me. Yet at home if other people are around I wear shoes over my bare feet in case others think I'm strange, and only go bare foot when alone. Likewise in the summer I walked around a coastal town bare foot quite happily yet in London I admit I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Completely illogical! Yet for whatever reason something about social conditioning leads me to think about it like that.

    I think less thinking would definitely be advisable :)
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