Which one works better? Or gives you a better high? THC, CBD, Or HHC?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Xboxoneandsports32490, Mar 1, 2023.

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    In your knowledge or opinion of using cannabis or weed, between those 3 choices? THC, CBD, or HHC? Which “drug” from those 3 gives you the most “satisfaction guaranteed” High? I’m asking because a “Legal Weed/Tobacco” store in my city said when I shopped there they are going to stop selling/carrying “THC” products/drugs all together and only carry HHC/CBD products?

    what’s your take/opinion on that? Is that good or bad for business? I hear people say HHC is stronger than THC, but shouldn’t that be up to the customer what they want to purchase? Like I asked: Which is the best cannabis/marijuana ingredient? THC, CBD, or HHC? Thanks for helping me learn more about this!!!!
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    This is my opinion. THC direct from the marijuana plant is the best for your “satisfaction guaranteed” high. As far as your dispensary goes I have no opinion on their decision. If I wanted a product with THC in it I would find a dispensary that provides it. Now back to the gist of this post. Again this is just my opinion but for a nice high THC does it best. HHC follows but without adding CBD to either one the effect may be less. You may differ from myself and get a better rush from HHC. One thing I know is CBD will not get you high like THC or HHC. It'll make you feel good but it is not psychoactive.
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    I bought half an ounce of HHC about a year ago and all it did was make me angry lol. No high at all.

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