Which one do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by Morning Myst, Jun 5, 2006.

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  2. bfjohn

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    Hi everyone, (my first post!), my favourite surface is the forest footpath, such a wide variety of surfaces to enjoy!
  3. bfjohn

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    I'd say grass is my overall favourite, but i like to experience a wide range of surfaces.
  4. Venial

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    I love to walk on grass, especially in the morning when the sun rises and there's dew on the grass. I used to like to walk on cold concrete, but with the wasps and whatnot running around in my basement, I don't want a stinger in my foot. In the city, though, I don't mind walking on the concrete of the sidewalks. I just don't want to step in gum, so I watch my step.
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    Yeah! I like barefootin on forest floors, hiking trails, and carpet! But, I really like barefootin in stores too. The cool tiles of the grocery store feel great after walkin across a hot parking lot in the summer time!

    Keep on barefootin...
  6. Sidewalks and city streets are pretty cool, and if you are in a city your don't really have any choice about it anyway. But i voted other, and enjoy mountain trails and country roads best. Mostly like variety, so anywhere is really ok, and not knowing what all you might encounter is part of the fun.
  7. onelove19

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    I love being barefoot everywhere, but i'd have to say my favorite place to be barefoot is on the sand. I love being on the beach and sand always feels so nice.
  8. I like the feeling of walking on cool tiles like at a store, I love walking on a sandy beach or when you walk back home from the beach and you are on the stone roads covered in sand ... muddy paths, I like the side walks when they are not too hot.... but my favorite is the grass its soo relaxing and its just so natural for me Idk..I love it ;)

  9. mithra

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    Anywhere really, but I've voted sidewalk as I've just been walking on cool damp pavement, and my feet tell me they loved it!
  10. I love dirt paths. I love to hike barefoot. So many different types of feelings going under foot. The occational rock or boulder, tree roots or logs, mud. I hike barefoot when ever I hike. Great fun.[​IMG]
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    As I mentioned in a previous post, fields of large rocks and boulders are my favorite; here's a picture of one of the best:


    In the midst of it:


    And at the end of the field is one of the most perfect swimming holes you've ever seen! Hmmm... methinks I know where I'm going today :)

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