Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by SweeperOfDreams13, May 8, 2004.

  1. I am so stoned it's unbelievablle.
    I am typing likearobot.
    oh my god. tripin hardcore
  2. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    Congrats! You just won Gold Medal for Who gives a fuck! haha Just kidding bro.. thats cool.. I am pretty baked as well..
  3. Ya, I'm pretty baked too; that vaporizer just rips me apart, in a good way though.
  4. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    I was pretty baked..but due to that whole "not talking" ordeal, I'm not going to smoke at least until tonight..if any today.
  5. reef

    reef Member

    i lost my sac again, so i gotta feel like a douche again when i can't match bowls.

    but currently im baked
  6. Erin

    Erin Member


    indeeldy stoned.

  7. Whoa, I was really stoned when I wrote that.
    Crazy. now that was some awesome shit.
  8. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    You make the funniest posts out of anyone on here when you're stoned. I almost feel high by association now.
  9. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Whats a 12 letter word that makes you high?

  10. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Sweeper, what'd you say about a mental institution?

    Well I'm glad you're out and I hope you don't have to go back man. Enjoy that pot!:)
  11. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    I'm not stoned and haven't been for two days now, by choice! Now that is crazy :p
  12. babynug

    babynug Member

    drunk,but not stoned. i like stoned better because there is no hang over! babynug is going to smoke a bowl..............
  13. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Well I'm quite the opposite...I have been stoned for two days now by choice :)

    I love having weed. And I'm glad these forums are back!
  14. babynug

    babynug Member

    MJ is better then beer. ;)
  15. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Well Said!

  16. when i get stoned i like to go outside instead of sitting in front of my computer...think of the trees moving in the wind and the way the sun reflects the leaves' colors and the way that everything seems to be so fresh and prettty and new and ALIVE!
  17. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Yeah that reminds me of a funny story: My friend and I were massively stoned and we went outside. Now we don't have to be cautious because my parents know I smoke, so we were going down the driveway to sit at the bottom. My friend's dartin' from shadow to shadow trying to stay "hidden" from my dad. He looked so funny. Then we were sitting at the bottom of my driveway and some shadows of some trees were on the side of my house, and he thought it was a river. Well, he goes up to the side of my house (stoned as hell) and tries to "swim in the river." Right before he gets to the "river", my motion sensor light goes on and shines bright white light directly into his unsuspecting eyes. He fell backwards on his ass. It was really really funny hahaa.
  18. bertrose

    bertrose Member

  19. mboz

    mboz Member

    lol i think how funny it is the things u do when ur high are so fuc,king funny but your so high u dont remeber it, it like levels itself out, its more funnier the more higher u r,
  20. me toooo! hey!

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