Where's the Sun?

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by MistyMountainTop, Aug 22, 2005.

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    Where's the sun?

    Hidden behind the darkness of a dead planet,

    Jupiter is playing one-on one basketball with Mars,

    and Neptune is laughing,

    Wake sun, wake from your eternal slumber to replenish this place with light and flowers,

    The sun can't hear me,

    The rivers are rushing, running away from this forsaken place,

    RIver, where are you going,

    The river doesn't answer,

    And the moon is running for senate in the Milky Way National Government,

    It's polls are low, though it's will is high,

    Saturn is taking a piss cause he drank too much,

    The trees are dying where they sit, crying out for help

    Where oh where is my guitar?

    I think Elvis woke from the dead and stole it,

    He's playing 12 bar blues in his grave,

    I have traveled to the center of the earth, where I saw dinosaurs hacky-sacking with severed human heads,

    The North Star burned out cause it smoked to much,

    And spiders speak English, I heard one tell me "Clean up your house and I'll go away"

    The sun is soon to come, I feel it, and when it does it will be pink and green,


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