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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Havinfunsince91, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. hey everybody,

    I'm new to this site so let me introduce myself first. Im a 22 year old male that has a beautiful wife and a son that i love so much. I work mostly all day to support my family and i am happy with that.

    I lost my virginity to my wife when i was 20 years old and i just love sex 24/7, i love masturbation, sex, porn and wish i could do it all the time. I have done other sexual things to other girls back in high school. Dont get me wrong, i love my wife and i love having sex with her and she is a total catch in bed but i am always thinking bout having sex with other girls and just get caught up in day dreaming about fucking them. i dont know why i am feeling like this. please someone give me some advice and yes we do experiment in bed and try new things.
  2. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H Something Witty

    First that isn't all that unusual. Is it something you can tell her? I don't mean in the context that you want to sleep with others, but in the context that you two could fantasize and maybe role play with it? With you being parents it can get tricky and be dangerous to swing especially at that age. But you could have a healthy fantasy world together, and maybe get some of those desires fulfilled watching porn together or even watching or doing some camming online or swapping pics with another couple you build a trust with. If you think there's no way she'd be open to the idea, and you are not wanting to bring it up to her, you really will have to internalize it until either you feel you can talk to her, or until you get this under control and are able to manage it better. Do not do anything behind her back. Even if you feel it is ok or not cheating. Even things like flirting on a messenger for example. If you guys talk about these things and you find a common ground that is one thing, but always remember it is ok only if you feel you can tell her you are doing it. If you are afraid to say anything to her, you shouldn't do it. Sometimes living vicariously through others can help too. Watching porn and/or cams can really give you an experience on some level even though it isn't physical for you. And who knows, maybe she would be into the idea of a threesome, or swapping? I wouldn't hit her with THAT question right away, but it might happen as you guys talk about your fantasies a little more.
  3. enhancer13

    enhancer13 Senior Member

    This is some sound advice!

    The better you two can honestly communicate about sex with each other the better your sex life will be together. I agree with Mrs. H that doing stuff behind her back is not a good plan. That won't solve any problems. It will only make more.
  4. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i'll never understand why so many people jump into marriage with whoever they happen to be dating at high school graduation.
  5. I think nearly all adult males experience this to some degree, whether they're in a great monogamous relationship like you or not.

    The important thing: DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD DAMAGE YOUR MARRIAGE. You've got a great thing going there that you don't want to lose to satisfy a temporary horny fix. Men have been doing that for millennia. Don't become one of those men.

    I agree with the earlier comments -- keeping communication open will help prevent this from becoming a destructive problem. I think a big factor would be her starting to feel insecure that you no longer love her or find her beautiful. I'd think your initial statement might be that she's the best lover you could ever want but you want to keep talk open and honest together about your strong sex drive so that it doesn't ever come between the two of you.

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