Where can I get the supplies needed to make LSD-25

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by theworldisyours, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. yes, I have read countless procedures on such sites as neon joint, but I was just wondering where I could obtain the chemicals and equipment used to go through with this process.
  2. Lodui

    Lodui One Man Orgy

    LSD is the most complex of the popular illegal drugs to synth,

    Without a good understanding of chemistry, it would be very dangerous, and produces many toxic gasses, without the proper place to dispose of certain chemicals could do a lotta enviormental damage.

    Without proper knowledge it is dangerous and immoral to try to make osmething like this.

    Also you'd want some sorta degree to not draw so much attention to yourself when ordering thousands of dollars of chemical supplies.

    And just so ya know, the MDMA synth on neonjoint would make an corrosive explosion... you don't use Hydrogen Peroxide to make MDMA... that was a misprint in some text a long time ago... you just need ordinary water.
  3. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Most of the people who make LSD are experienced organic chemists working in fully equipped laboratories. One will usually need precursor chemicals, such as lysergic acid amides, which you can pretty much only obtain with a DEA license. Or you could specifically harvest the ergot fungus and chemically extract its alkaloids, then process those into the specific amides, then finally LSD. For this you would need thousands and thousands of dollars worth of lab equipment, experience in harvesting microscopic fungi, weeks worth of time, proper growing chambers in a completely sterile environment, all the necessary chemicals, a great amount of experience in organic chemisty, etc. You cannot make LSD without a fully equipped lab (college chemical research type labs at least, for example).

    Good luck :)

    TAPPER Member

    Are you serious?

    If you have to ask there is no chance in hell of making anything other than a mess. Its estimated all of the LSD produced is made by a handful of people. These people have years of lab experience, a fully functional lab, $, connections for precursors, and higher level chem degrees or been trained by one of the few cooks before them. What makes you think you are so special, especially at 19.
  5. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    well, start off by purchasing a kilogram of "ergotamine tartrate"...

    & when the jackbooted thugs of the DEA come to serve your arrest warrant, just tell 'em you had one hell of a migraine attack...

    after they leave, apparently quite satisfied with your explanation -
    then you can begin purchasing glassware, special lighting equipment, vent hood, blastproof glovebox, fire extinguisher, and the standard reagents & solvents (don't forget the hydrazine, the LAH, & the diethylamine liquid...)
  6. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    oh, and neon joint is fer shure the best site on the 'net fer cookin' up some acid, dood...
  7. mixmaster

    mixmaster Member

    ...there are other alternatives buying ET, and getting your dick in a wringer w/ the DEA...try Tall Fescue, AKA "Festuca Arundinica" otherwise known as Kentucky 31 fescus grass...makes a nice lawn, and is loaded with ergovaline, some ergotamine, ergocristine, bromocriptine, etc, (by way of an alkaloid-producing endophyte)..Not wanting to come off like Uncle Fester, growing a field full of claviceps-infested rye grain, (fucking idiotic idea), grow a lawn with the stuff, mow it, collect the clippings, grind, defat, extract the amides, convert to alkaloid via KOH/Methanol, hydrolyze, and make acidic...(really simplified here, folks)...voila'- your favorite amine! Getting the chems is a little tricky, but not an impossibility. Canadian chem houses are not under the control of the DEA, and export items receive little scrutiny. Same goes for places like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Belize...Caribbean backwaters for the most part. All these countries export chemicals, and ask no questions, especially if you have a front company, (basically just on paper), and a credit card works nicely. They will custom package the stuff,(if you specify it, of course), and label it photgraphic supplies, candle-making materials, etc. Have it shipped overnight express, particularly during holidays...that way, because of the tremendous volume of mail, and the fact that the package is "Overnight Delivery", they can't slow down the flow of mail to search very well, if at all. The DEA likes to promote the myth that every package gets searched that comes in, when in reality only 2% ever get looked at, let alone opened.
    Also consider that an average FedEx terminal has totally computer-controlled sorting, and packages move down a conveyor belt by the thousands/minute at 25-35 miles per hour. The DEA is an agency that has power based on fear and disinformation. Half of what they spout are lies, designed to scare the hell out of you, when in reality, they can't back up half of what they say they can do. The DEA has some 6,000 field agents out there, ALL OVER THE PLANET...they really aren't interested in you, small-fry...they are all chasing the big guys, looking to fatten their resumes' with a big-time Felony bust on someone like Pablo Escobar...you are not a concern, unless you start ordering watched chemicals in large bulk quantities-then, they'll look at you. They leave most of the small-timers to the local Heat...which is good for you, because local cops can't find their ass with both hands. If you keep your mouth shut, don't have a fire/blow yourself up, chances are real good you'll never get caught. One third of all Meth labs get busted by the local fire department, not the police, because of fumes, fire or explosion. Of course the cops will take credit for the bust, citing "excellent police work"...Ha! Just another example of disinformation...the national average for convicting a person of a bank robbery is only 22%,(a pretty high-profile crime), where does that put you? Way down on the probability list...but I digress. The old Hydrazine/POCl3/LAH synths are tried and true, BUT we must move on...the better methods deal with Lysergic Acid, (prepared as from above), and chems like HATU, HOBT, and arcane items like peptide-coupling agents, to do the work making the good stuff...You'll have to purify w/ chromatography as before, but getting there is much easier, and these chemicals are used in cancer research, not drug-making...so very little attention is paid to them. In closing, I will say that those out there who read this and know how to apply what has been put forth, will benefit, and those who think they can do this without any formal training are doomed to failure. It pays to get educated, so DO IT, then, take on the challenge...Have a nice day.
  8. DrDooblittle

    DrDooblittle Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm a little more than half the ways done with general chem, and i take organic chem next year, im not going to make it next year, but im gettin there haha
  9. lostblackdog

    lostblackdog Member

    Dude, if that Mixmaster guy is right, then that means a lot of you chem guys have a responsibility to help bring an end to this dark age of neo-conservatism and hatred for the minds that want to see the world in the light of freedom. They had a funeral for Democracy in New Orleans yesterday as our king was crowned yet again.... and yet there are hundreds of you out there who know how to make these things and you are not.... why? I can't sit idley by and let you all continue to let freedom fade as a result of this grave inaction towards liberating the minds of the people. We have a new generation of people just waiting for someone to offer them acid and then a few of them will transcend this muck that we're all burried under and in, and these few individuals will become gods in the annals of our era. No longer will we have to revert back to the 60's and 70's because we will be able to live in the here and now with the leadership of people who will go boldly forward towards the same light as Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Page, Tim Leary, Hunter S. Thompson, Terrance McKenna, Janis Joplin, Aliester Crowley, Jack Kerouac, Kurt Cobain, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pigpen, the Merry Pranksters, and so on.... we need a new liberal scene to counter the ultra-neo-conservative shadow that is looming over the land yet again. Scandal, corruption, lies, fear, intolerance, and so on are all things that we as a people are seeing take over our nation yet again. How many of you wonder when the next big thing is gonna go down and then we really do find ourselves being drafted? How many of you have thought of what it would be like to leave the comfort of our homes, dorms, and so on and then be dressed in heavy camoflague and holding a gun shooting at someone we don't even know only because they decided to shoot at us because our president wants to challenge and restrict their freedom? How many of you want to die for what George Bush thinks is "right" for the people in Iraq? How many of you have even thought about the possibility that it could happen? Man... fuck that shit... it's up to you guys to get this nation on it's feet.... We need to be able to pursue happiness, and man... there's not much of it out there.... Therefore, I say get off your smart chemistry knowin' asses and make some fuckin' drugs!!! Show people the different universes and parallels and dimesions of thought.... help the average Joe Redneck smell colors and taste sounds.... expand his simple narrow mind so that he can be exposed and experienced.... and for our own sake... give that shit out like candy.... I do it whenever I get things, and man... it's time other people did too.... I share whatever I get, and then it usually comes back in ways that I never imagined.... I never go without because I give away all I get.... kinda funny how that works, huh? Anyways, this is too long and I need food, but take care and make some drugs... I don't care if you give them to me or even if you throw some x down at your grandmother, but damn... get the ball rollin' people!
  10. Abyle

    Abyle Member

    Bravo, LBD. I'm pleasantly surprised, and a little turned on. :blush:
  11. erowid

    erowid Member

    Nice answer mixmaster, I was wondering on the practicality of such a thing myself, It is sad that the age of urban shamanism had to die so quickly after it's triumphant birth. I have to say to u discouraging basterds to lay the hell off, it may seem like a tall task but its because of people who dwell on the complications that the aspiring are burdened with fear, and the new masters of this dieing practice might never come to be, as they are so needed, at least where I live they are. I suppose theres a new graduating class of Chem. Engineers every year though;).

    On another note can't you also use baby hawain woodrows or morning glories for your LSA source?
  12. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    I would ASSume that you could use any plant source of ergot alkaloids, do a simple extraction of the mixed alkaloids, hydrolyze the entire mess to lysergic acid, then go from there.
  13. I knew girl in hs brother got away with making lsd..The kid was a genius but a lot physch problems.When he got caught it was big deal and he now lives in the uk.He got away mostly because he had so many problems in his head.
  14. erowid

    erowid Member

    I suppose I even have to admitt theres plenty of stuff you could do that is half as risky and god only know how much easier, run a terarium, grow phalaris grass and do a DMT extraction(hell of alot stronger than any acid), and obviously grow pot or opium. I still wish there were a few more people in this world motivated by there influence through the spreading of experience, there really is that only real influence for a follower of hoffman's philosophies.
  15. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    Just for your info, this is a public site. I know everyone knows and everyone will be safe. Knowledge is not illegal, but sending up red flags aren't a good idea

    good luck with that acid!
  16. erowid

    erowid Member

    yes but I would think trying to follow up anything people don't support sith pics/details is hardly worth ivestigating for folks have a tendency to talk alot of crap, like all that stuff I just said, I've never grown pot, opium, phalaris grass, or mushrooms. Yet in understanding the process I simply infer it's easier.
    I suppose I certainly can't entirely disagree with you though, one should keep mind to stay in the vague, and never be definite in what might be defined as less than legal conversation. I suppose if you're talking about the fellow that started this post, this might definitely fall into the conditions above.
  17. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Member

    just order some salvia if u wanna trip man
  18. A federal prison really isn't "Club Fed" as some people would make it out as. In the BOP you have to do 85 percent of your time, so if you were sentenced to years that would be around 8 and half. Look at how much time they gave packard, what was it like 3 life sentences. Tripping is a very joyous experience, but it wouldn't be worth spending the rest of your life in prison for.
  19. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Well, no matter how much lsd you make/sell/distribute for free/eat, you should not have to go to jail for it. Free society? right.
  20. prankster1590

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    Acid isn't that difficult to synthesize. It's surrounded by a lot of urban myths.
    To succesfully synthesize LSD you just need to purify everything you use. Purity is the key. You have to distilate and dry every single solvent and chemical you gonna use. That includes the LSA, the chloroform, the DCM, the POCl3 and everything ells. Dont dry your LSA in the oven like shulgin described. It will burn your LSA to useless shit. Do a acid-Base extractions with purified and dried chemicals and also recrystallize with purified chemicals.
    The chemicals you buy are not always as good as they claim to be. And this isn't a problem with MDMA synths but LSD chemistry is something else.
    If possible use an Argon or Nitrogen atmosphere. But it ain't no dissaster if you forget this. Do your reaction in the light of candles and avoid -Cl ions. They are dissasters for your reaction.

    That you need ErgotAmine to synthesize LSD is also bullshit. Just Extract the LSA from morning glory or woodrose. That's more LSA and easier to aquire. (In Amsterdam you can buy it or order it in SmartShops) You just need to purify the LSA thoroughly by means of Steam Distallation, Acid Base extraction, recrystallization and colmn chromatrography. And dry it with the proper chemicals.

    (DEA I just know alot of stuff. Dont do anything illegal)

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