where can I get the cheapest airline tickets?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by jmt, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    from fort laudedale, florida to Dallas, Texas?
  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    flights are usually cheaper when purchased in advance..
  3. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    I know but I might have to fly over to Dallas to pick up my fathers belongings since he past away this Friday.
  4. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

  5. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    Personally call the air lines. Many offer discounts for bereavements.
  6. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    this is true..
  7. Justin_Hale

    Justin_Hale ( •_•)⌐■-■ ...(⌐■_■)

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    I think Southwest has low fares. http://www.southwest.com/
  8. Try this one.
  9. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    drive there..its only like a day
  10. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Maybe two days. Or three...
  11. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    its 25 hours from north ontario...I cant see florida being more than 14 hours from Dallas
  12. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    lol, I was just making it sound more complicated than it probably would be.

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