When your ex gets with someone else

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by ms.curiosity, May 1, 2007.

  1. ms.curiosity

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    In the past how have you felt when your ex gets with someone new?

    I guess it all depends on how long you were together, how long ago you broke up and how much you still care for them.

    Just looking for some of your personal stories...
  2. Allonym

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    happy for him, for having found someone so cool (the girl and i had known each other sine grade 6 or so)
    mad/jealous, because he left me for her (but, was his ex, mother of his child, so my feelings like that didnt last too long)
    beyond that, a bit neutral. ok, once, vindictively happy that he got with some lying skank.. but im still bitter over that relationship (which is dumb, it was a whilea go, but whatever)
  3. His Eden

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    I was with my ex husband for over 10 years and when we divorced it was the end. Meaning when he got with someone else it didn't bother me because we were divorced and I had no (and did not want) say in what he did with his life.

    We are both remarried, and happier in our relationships. The only reason I still communicate with him is we have a son together, and we keep it civil not personal. The bottom line is that I don't care what my ex does as long as it does not negatively affect our son in any way.
  4. DancerAnnie

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    I'm always happy for my ex's as long as they are happy...of course htat pretty much applies to anyone...

    I'm not a jealous person whatsoever.
  5. beautifulhippie2

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    Well there are a few who I could care less about, but there is those 2 or 3 people whom I'd get jealous about at first. But Not anymore. Now I'm in a 2 year relationship and it's the longest I've ever been in and if we broke up and he was with someone else I would be so jealous for a long while! I dunno why, but I just would!
  6. moon_flower

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    All of my exes cheated on me with who they got with after me. So, they sucked and I didn't care.

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