When you watch the news your not seeing republic and democratic portrayals

Discussion in 'The Media' started by Intheknow, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Intheknow

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    When you are watching the news most people think they are getting both sides from the news one side republican the other democratic. This is not the case. What your actually seeing is democratic views and (“right wing”republican).

    Not actual republican views, the reason being the perfect storm Abraham Lincoln full republican was on a roll freeing the slaves ect republicans were passing legislation quite easily. Then the perfect storm hit the depression - then the war and propaganda media started in both sides democratics jumped on it took control of the media and republicans started to get pushed into the corner after the war the democrats had control of media still and to smartly made a right wing republican format of news also . This continuous push and control pushed republicans into the corner no longer being able to pass their bills effectively the amount of legislation that should of continued after Lincoln s roll on effect republican after republican president harder n harder to pass legislation- which makes the public blame republicans. That’s why you’ll never see a republican show host push the limit to far as dems who control the media only portray right wing republican views.
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  2. NoHobo

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    I fully disagree with how the media portrays both sides, since it's missing out on the key fact that both are reptilians that are obsessed with taking over the human race. The entire partisan dynamic is just a farce put on to keep the ignorant masses off their figurative and literal tail.
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  3. I feel like there are times when people in politics make power plays; obvious moves for their own benefit that don't necessarily consider the interest of their constituents as much as benefiting their re-election.
  4. tumbling.dice

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    Walter Cronkite was the only man I trusted in the news business.
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  5. Tyrsonswood

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  6. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    first, most people are stupid, but not as stupid as you think they are.

    second, those aren't "both" sides. they're just the only two sides that the government and the media want us to think there are.
  7. Irminsul

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    i only trust underground and conspiracy alternative news sources. Tupac posted just last week that it cost 2pack Eminems for 50cent.
  8. deleted

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  9. unfocusedanakin

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    Have to strongly disagree

    Don't fall for the trap of distrusting all media. That is what only a small percent of elite want.

    The major networks of the world such as BBC and CNN rely on facts and field journalism. Unfortunately to Fox news viewers this is seen as a biases since they live in such a bubble where facts destroy their perceptions of the economy and public figures. So they would rather say the entire world lies but them.

    The problem of disinformation is almost entirely a right wing Republican one. Other networks have their screw ups but there is not the deliberate attempt to muddy facts we see in Fox. There is probably a reason they are the only ones dealing with the type of mind that views them.

    Even worse than Fox when playing on the fear of the poorly educated. What little truth there is in the field is lost to paranoia about sex dungeons in pizza restaurants and gun seizure.
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  10. I don't watch the news anymore. The 2016 election cycle made it perfectly clear that both sides are bought and paid for.
  11. themnax

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    what you're actually seeing is whatever the media thinks will sell the most advertising space.
    often this means whatever is most alarming, annoying or provocative.
    unless you view, listen, read, alternative media that are up front about their political or other perspective.
    and then they, sometimes, feel obliged, to give a few hints about opposing perspectives to justify their slant.

    when false conservatism has nothing else to offer but rumors and deception,
    naturally anything close to honest is going to sound 'liberal'.
    even when it is deliberately no 'liberal' at all.

    a lot of people seem to think an indigenous perspective is or sounds liberal,
    rather the opposite is more often the case.
    this being understandable, as unlike what has come to be called 'mainstream conservatism',
    they actually have something to conserve.

    just remember, if your 'news' is too easy to come by,
    you're either being entertained or persuaded,
    more then being informed.

    if you want to know how something works, read a book.
    if you want to know why people are favoring or doing something,
    there is a whole real, honest to what there is science,
    of social psychology.

    then there are actual demographics,
    that everyone loves to distort to make their own point.

    being only human i feel often enough obliged to do that myself.
    when everyone else is playing that game, it isn't always a choice.

    if someone is telling you something without having to dig for it,
    they probably do have some adgeda for doing so.
    but its a mistake to assume that agenda to be any that are both familiar and ideological.

    if it matters, do your own research. if it doesn't, face and accept the reality, that you are being entertained.

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