When was the first time you smoked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Peace, May 10, 2004.


First time you smoked the Ganja?

  1. 14 or younger

    0 vote(s)
  2. 15

    410 vote(s)
  3. 16

    211 vote(s)
  4. 17

    114 vote(s)
  5. 18

    59 vote(s)
  6. 19

    47 vote(s)
  7. 20

    21 vote(s)
  8. 21

    6 vote(s)
  9. 22

    5 vote(s)
  10. 23 or older

    3 vote(s)
  1. stonerman420

    stonerman420 Member

    i first tried pot when i was like 13 i think...it was at a party in the woods...wow im drunk.
  2. kindwoman

    kindwoman Sista Golden Hair

    I honestly can't remember!!! :D Uh, I think I have CRS disease...
  3. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    i was 15 when i first tried it. was about to turn 16 i think, it was the middle of my sophomore year...
  4. andcrs2

    andcrs2 Senior Member

    Someone read my mail....
  5. andcrs2

    andcrs2 Senior Member

    Pretty serious malady...
  6. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    wow look at the trend
  7. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    yeah its funny that no one was 21...i wonder what they where doing then(only for americans)
  8. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    lol you gottab be 21 to buy alchohol in america
    heahe that reminds me of when i was in new york, and we were on a school trip watching theatre, and were watching broadway so we were in new york.

    anyway we wanted some booze and like, the nearest shop was run by a shifty old asian couple. we assumed they would sell it to us caus these guys are always semi-criminal in movies, so we get our stuff and the womans like 'how old are you?' and were like 'uhh.. whats the legal age? and shes like '82' and we all go


    and it took a few solid minutes of questioning, unhelped by having to cross both american and asian accents in one, to realise that your system works by stating the year in which you were bon, as in, 1982, and not your age.
  9. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    oh sorry yeh the point was that she said you can get arrested for trying to buy alchohol? or something like that

    yeh whatever it was, we were pretty pissed off.

    but i wasnt a stoner back then, if i went nowadays, i def would have looked for a dealer
  10. I was 14 when I first started smoking... me and my closest girlfriend got a dime and smoked it all... ah good times, good times!
  11. HippyCor$ter

    HippyCor$ter Ackamonkey

    13 or 14 I was in 8th grade.
  12. Gr@ff!X

    Gr@ff!X Member

    was 14 i think froshmen year... blazed twice that nite. first time was just laughin' a shitload while watchin' How High. We prolly smoked a dime that nite. neither times was I high but the 2nd time I felt a little buzzed. Was chokin' like a mothafucka both times too loll
  13. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    october 1st 04
  14. beatlerific

    beatlerific not like other girls

    16 years old. i had always been curious so one night i asked my pothead friend ashton to smoke with me and my best friend at the time, jackie. he did, and we all got high as hell. i could barely drive home. strange experience. it was nice, however, deciding to smoke on my own, with no pressure from anyone.
  15. Inavacuum

    Inavacuum Senior Member

    13, Just this year. All I remember is we were all three sitting on the tailgate of my friends older brother's truck and I was just sorta half hunched over giggling at nothing to myself thinkin. Then my friend and his bro tellin me to quiet down that I was laughing too loud.
  16. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    I was 15. Life was going so completly going down the drain with me that i really lost all hope in life. But a friend decided to ask me if i "wanted to get high", and she begged and begged, so i finally decided "why not."

    To be honest, i wasnt very high, wasnt until about the third time i could really concider my self actually stoned.
  17. PokeSmot

    PokeSmot Member

    i first tried it in 9th grade....it was like two hits and i didnt even get high. I didn't really try it again until 11th grade, and then senior year i just became a regular and didnt give a shit. went to classes blazed, made excuses to go "get somethin from home that i really need to run in" where i'd smoke a bowl and go back to school.
  18. oOflyeyesOo

    oOflyeyesOo Member

    I was 14 in my freshman year, funny thing is I have turned it down about 40 times before that and then I said what the hell am I doing I know its not bad and I wanna have some fun, I already do enough illegal things.
  19. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    I just realized I'm not entirely sure... Time is meaningless to me. :rolleyes:
  20. ( ∞ )

    ( ∞ ) INFINITY

    never smoked. probably never will.

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