When the bombs do fall

Discussion in 'Paranoid?' started by Jerry, Aug 24, 2005.

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    In the 1950's people were terrified of nuclear war, but in today's society that fear has shrunk. People don't see it as something that would ever happen. They think it is fiction and that no person or nation would ever set off nukes. It is to "unreal" for them to believe. Just as 9/11 seemed very "unreal". Why in the 1950's would there be drills in schools if the threat was not real? In the 1950's nuclear war seemed like what was going to happen no matter what anyone did, it was inevitable...which it still is. To understand how the fear of nuclear war and how the actual event of nuclear war coincide you must look through the history of the 20th century and see the clear pattern that exists. Now after World War 1 ended everyone thought war would never happen again. Before World War 2 began everyone one called WW1 "The War to End All Wars" and "The Great War". People thought war was something no one would ever have to worry about again. It was only after WW2 that WW1 came to have it's new name. So it is clear that people were not afraid of war anymore. They believed they were safe. This false sense of security paved the way for Hitler to come to power and build his war machine. Had people been paranoid about war after WW1 ended I doubt that Hitler would have gained as much power as he did before someone tried to stop him. So this idea that there was nothing to worry about lead the world into a even worse war. As WW2 raged on people learned that war would ALWAYS be with mankind, something many have forgotten today. People believed then and still do today that man is to civilized today to wage wars between major nations. We are not anymore civilized than we have ever been. Now the idea that we were to civilized to wage war died when WW2 finally came to an end. People truly believed war was over after WW1 and when WW2 finally ended people could only expect another great war to follow. They were afraid of war, to a point of paranoia. But, low and behold the Cold War during the 1950's never did come to a head. The nukes never flew and there never was a day of great destruction. If that fear of inevtiable war did not exist in people than perhaps the Cold War would have gotten a lot hotter. But, it never did and slowly the fear of it began to shrink away. Through the 60's, 70's, and 80's the fear only kept growing smaller. Then the Soviet Union fell and things seemed great in the 90's. The fear of a nuclear war left almost everyone. So now today must people don't think it ever will happen, that it is some nightmare that was only dreamed up and will never come to pass. And that there is the error that everyone is making. No one fears it anymore. No one sees the elephant in the room. Just how no one thought WW2 would happen after War World 1 ended even tho it was clear what was going to happen in Germany. Nuclear war is going to come, there are not 1,000s of nukes ready to fire all over the world for no reason. Nuclear war is inevitable, people have always known this. The fear of it has just left, not the possibility. No one crashes a car when they are worried about crashing and driving carefully. People crash cars when they are relaxed and not worried about crashing. It is going to go down the same when the day of nuclear destruction DOES come. People are not going to be afraid of it, like they are today, and then it shall happen. The fact that this will happen SHOULD scare of most of you, but the fact that this also is a scenario that can ACTUALLY happen in the real world should terrify all of you. People were not paranoid in the 50's for no reason. Nuclear war will come and it is my belief that it will come to America and that America will be totally destroyed in one day, most likely one hour. The world hates America and America will pay for all the evils it has done. I don't want to see the world end in nuclear war, nor do I hope for it. I probably won't be able to believe it when it does happen, but I know that it will happen. Believe it or not. I suggest any of you who do care about saving your soul. Leave America and start reading the Bible.
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    Didn't the Romans dominate for a thousand years or something? I'd like to think we are the current Romans which means we should twice out do what they accomplished. I'll be dead by the time our downfall comes, so I don't care about anything left behind. It's all about me right now.
    It is only a matter of time before you stop being so cynical and snap out of the paranoid fantisies the rebel in you is so desperately holding on to. I have faith in you brother.

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