when it rains in my mind it is cold in my heart

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    I don`t want to see you
    I want to see you
    I don`t want to get attached
    I want to get attached
    I don`t want to love you
    I want to love you
    there is no love
    there is

    please I wish I could I mean
    do I seem to
    how can I be so alone
    when I love you
    or maybe it isn`t you
    maybe once I say I do
    I don`t

    because I stop seeing
    because you change when I do
    and I let myself think it has stopped
    but you are free in the meanwhile
    we are all free in the meanwhile
    and I`m thinking it`s all going to be
    so wonderful it could
    if there weren`t I wish I didn`t think
    or there were no connection

    am I clinging?
    am I weak?
    am I blind?
    am I real?
    am I what you think
    what you think
    you think
    I am?

    please I don`t want to lose sight of you
    please I want to lose sight of you
    you change my life
    change my life
    and it shows
    and shows
    and it rains
    and rains
    and in my mind my heart is cold.

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