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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Just for fun, May 20, 2021.

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    I don't like a bland fresh tasting vag. On several occasions I have had the opportunity to go down on some ladies I just met. They were not able to wash their vag's. I just took them the way they were. After some discussion and my telling them that they tasted a bit salty which I really enjoyed they said that they've been drinking all night and peeing without wiping.

    Has anyone else male or female experienced this and did you enjoy the taste?
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    A vagina is self cleaning. Similar to a penis preparing for sex where pre-come seeps from the end, the vagina secretes a viscous fluid nature designed to keep it fresh and ready. There is really no need for her to wash it or douche unless it is required for medical reasons. If she does it will have a bland or artificial taste afterwards until the natural fluid has built up again. The vagina also produces various odors during the time before and after coitus. As many as 13 different odors have been noted from as long as 24 hours before to 24 hours after intercourse. It was noted these odors were not influenced by semen ejaculated into the vagina in any way. Men are turned on by these odors as the scent is 100% natural which brings up primal animalistic urges in us. A quote I read about the scent of a woman the man was about to enjoy said "She smelled like a butterscotch river cutting through a field of wildflowers, along with the soft powdery muskiness that was the scent of her skin." How could one not want to dive in and enjoy the prize laid before him?

    A 'fresh tasting vagina" will be bland because her natural secretions have been removed and replaced by something unnatural. I do not enjoy a vagina, labia, or clitoris that has been cleaned in this manner. It just doesn't taste right. Usually a vagina taste will mesh with her other body odors that cause the attraction in the first place. When lusting for a woman the mans five senses are piqued which include the sense of smell and taste. Sight begins the sexual process. We see a woman and become intrigued with her wanting to explore further. We then hear her and touch her which amps up the sexual response. But men are driven deeper into the process by savoring the taste and smell of her body especially the focal point where we will be mating with her, the vagina. If my partner adds certain odors or tastes to herself such as flavored lube it does enhance my experience. But if she has removed that natural odor her vagina produces it lessens my enjoyment of the overall experience of mating with her and leaving my seed behind. So yes I have experienced this and did not enjoy it as much as if she had let nature take its course.
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    I feel this way if I am really horny but mostly this is with my wife, I have smelled some that well “no way”. But I do agree a fresh cleaned one has no flavor at all
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    I was just about to start a thread on pheromones. Glad I took some time to scroll enough, thereby coming across this thread. You articulate the topic so eloquently. As for me, I've experienced a range of pussy fragrances. Have to say, despite the variety of "odors," pheromones definitely magnetize me. Always have.
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