when I grow up I wanna be like HERON!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Manolao, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Unbreakable_T

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    do you work out much? or do you just have the genes of a beefy gaelic warrior mofo
  2. heron

    heron Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

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    Never really went to a gym, did martial arts as a kid.

    Lifted weights for a few weeks recently lol.

    But nope, dont work out at all, though i could
    afford to loose a few pounds, i am just a
    big fella.

    My dad always hated it, he had to work out for
    15 years to get big, and i still have him beat lol.

    My wife said that the only working out i do is fucking alot.
  3. Chubz

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    Heron is indeed a cool guy, but he needs to shed some pounds. (No offense to you - I'm just being honest, nothing wrong with it.)

    EDIT - I see that in your above post you have the same idea... I say go for it. Nothing is impossible... the sky is the limit.
  4. Manolao

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    she is TOTALLY right... I am totally in the same opinion... a couple of hours a day can be enough eheheheh

  5. heron

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    Thats funny coming from a guy named chubz.

    Tell you what, when it becomes a problem,
    or i stop having women find me attractive,
    i may think about it.

    Until then it serves as a food reserve and
    some extra weight to put behind times of aggression.
  6. fayeautumn

    fayeautumn Visitor

    i think he's perfect the way he is. :p
  7. fayeautumn

    fayeautumn Visitor

    i was just thinking....
    for all of those that want to be like heron when they grow up,
    wouldnt' you guys need examples of how to be like him?
    i figure i would make contributions so i can see lots more herons out there in the future. :)
    so, i figure i would help out by every now and then posting deeds, actions, and stuff throughout this thread.
    here's my first contribution...
    one reason why i fell in love with him is because even on the first day we met he held me close to him when we went to bed and sang me to sleep. to this day he still sings me to sleep (not everyday, but most days). last night he sang "teddy bear" and "all the pretty horses.." when he don't sing, he just talk to me. i love hearing his voice. i like hearing and feeling his chest rumble underneath my ears. hearing his voice always relaxes me. i've always had problem sleeping for as long as i can remember, til i met him.
    there's one more thing, my favorite one
    i'll explain more in the future if anyone is interested :)

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