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Discussion in 'Processing Marijuana' started by hairyspliff, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. hairyspliff

    hairyspliff Member

    hi i have a lowryder2 plant which haz just tured 7weeks,the place i got it from sez 9 weeks i always thought it was 8 some of the nooz at the top of the plant have started 2 go brown should i wait until like 50/70% of them have turned brown i have no microscope any sugestions?thankks
  2. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    In future, please watch your grammar and spelling. i can only guess that you are saying:

    you have been growing a plant for the last 7 weeks.
    the store said 9 weeks to completion, but you think it should be 8.
    the trichromes (nooz?) have begun to turn amber (brown?).
    you want to know how mature (brown) you should let them become before harvest.
    You dont know how to determine the amount of mature trichromes without a mircoscope.

    assuming my interpretation is right:

    1) the package will usually advertise completion times slightly faster than the average.
    2) the best way to tell is based on the trichromes, which turn from clear to white to amber as they ripen.
    3) a large magnifing glass is often capable o getting a good look at the trichrome formations. high quality digicams can also take good macro shots sometimes that make it easy to tell.
    4) for a head buzz, you want less ripe trichs. (30/70 amber/cloudy)
    5) for a body stone (couchlock), you want more ripe. (70/30 amber/cloudy)

    hope i helped. if your at 7 weeks, you can probably expect 2-3 more still.
  3. hairyspliff

    hairyspliff Member

    yes thanks this did help.
    And your saying 2/3 more weeks? the plant iz lowryder 2.
  4. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i cant honestly say without seeing your plant. but if the shop reccomended 8-9 weeks, id expect it to take 9-10 weeks
  5. hairyspliff

    hairyspliff Member

    ok m8 cheers for that.
  6. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    Just done some of mine they were 70-75 per cent brown pisils. Thought there'd go another week but we had a few extra cold nights here and they ripened up the last 10 percent in a matter of days.

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