Whe the Person You Fall in Love With Is of the Opposite Sexual Orientation. . .

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by SkeeterVT, Jun 23, 2006.

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    Has it ever happened to you:

    You're a guy who meets a woman who just sweeps you off your feet. Time passes and you finally screw up the courage to let her know of your feelings -- only to learn that the woman you have a crush on is a lesbian.

    Or if you're a woman who falls in love with a guy who turns out to be gay. Or you're a gay guy who falls for a straight guy. Or you're a lesbian whose object of your affections is a straight woman.

    It happens: The person you have a crush on has every quality in his or her personality that appeals to you deeply -- except that he or she isn't erotically attracted to you because you're the "wrong gender."

    You're disappointed -- but you nevertheless don't want to lose that person's friendship. How do you deal with that?

    On the flip side: How would you react if your best friend, who you know is gay, tearfully confesses to having a crush on you -- and you're straight? Or if you're gay or lesbian yourself -- and your best straight friend admits to having a crush on you? Add to this: Your friend laments that he or she can't find anyone of their own orientation who matches your personality traits.

    It's happened to me on several occasions -- and from both directions. Needless to say, the experiences were very emotionally draining; a lot of tears of frustration were shed.

    So basically what this thread is about is this: How do you deal with falling in love with someone you KNOW you can't have a relationship with -- and vice-versa?

    -- Skeeter

    -- Skeeter

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