whats your ultimate fantasy?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by _DeLiA_, May 11, 2004.

  1. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    I just need some booty
  2. ThreeLeaves69

    ThreeLeaves69 Member

    hehehe....ive done that....tickles, quite fun accually ;)

    my fantasy?...In a field of flowers with a total stranger, (but a nice one...lol)
    or the painted sheet thing.... i would have to agree.
  3. I would love to have sex with a vampire. I know, it's freaky, but they look like they're great in bed. I'm tlaking about a female vamp of course.
  4. makno

    makno Senior Member

    latly ive been having this dream that rosalyn sanchez is naked except for this metal chain around her waist ....i have a chain around my neack and its got a two foot chain linking the two....shes grabing me by the ponytail and forcing{yea rite} me to give her head all day long!
  5. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I have had this wicked dream over and over again.
    I'm outisde on a chaise lounge with #30 sunscreen all over me and a broad brimmed hat.
    Inside is a team of 5 powerfully strong body building types who are wearing jock straps and giving my house a ceiling to floor cleaning.
    Now for the fun part.
    I have a little bell and each time I ring it one of them comes out and right in the middle of the garden
    in front of the birds
    the bees
    the clouds
    and G*d
    he freshens up my glass of iced tea.

    Hey, it's my fantasy! And the house is getting cleaned :)
  6. TripleA

    TripleA Member

    I want one of my daughter's college age friends to come on our trip to Hawaii with us. We find ourselves alone in the hotel spa, and she thanks me for taking her along with the most wonderful, passionate blow job of my life.

    I'd also like my wife to have me jack off in front of her and a friend. Any friend.

    Darn it. Now I gotta go to bed.
  7. moonbeam7

    moonbeam7 Member

    ThreeLeaves69, Great Minds think alike!:D
  8. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    yeh i think next time michelles over ill see if she wants to try that chocolate boobs thing. Normally I keep the syrup in the fridge though, so I should probably take it out now so itl be room temprature by then. hehe.
  9. Omniwulf

    Omniwulf Member

    Lighting shreds the humid warm air, snapping me out of a daydream. I had been hiking all day and just realised I've gone way beyond my normal routine. Scanning the clouds, I see I'm in for a nasty storm. I should of paid more attention but there is nothing I can do about this now, I need to find some shelter. Remembering a abandoned looking shack off the trail a couple miles back, I pick up my pace and try to gather my thoughts. The grey black clouds roll overhead like a inverted river of mud. Darkness gathers as the fading sun is choked out by the storm. Walking over a rise I come within sight of the shack to my relief. Though only to be drenched by the first of many curtians of heavy rains. Sprinting I made my waythrough the heavy brush and vines to the one room shack. Its old wooden floors creek as I enter, the roof burned out along side the old cracked fireplace lets the rain drip in pooling to one side befor runnning out through a hole in the flooring. In the fading light I can see no family has lived here in ages, all though someone has been visiting this place. A pile of dirty blankets lay atop a thin torn matress in the one corner that looked kinda dry. Fur and sand cover the bedding and the room smelled of dogs. But other then the bedding there is little left of the home to make one beleave anyone has been here. Shivering from the cold waters dripping off my clothing ,I strip out of them,Wringing them out,hanging each on a nail on the wall. Shivering still I look closer at the blankets, a thick one looks passable so I shake it out. Fur and sand fly. It will have to do. The storm continues to build,
    waves of lighting arc through the skys creating a rythem of thunder that blends with the sheets of rain, Natures musics steadly beating its sounds into the cabin. Hours pass as I warm up huddled in the corner listening to the rains. I must of dozed off because all i remember is opening my eyes to pitch blackness. Something has startled me but I'm not sure what. The rains continue to fall heavly, the thunder rolls softer, fading. Relaxing again I settle back down. I was remembering a playful time I had and started to scratch my balls.This led to stroking and befor long I was layed back full into pleasing myself. Outside something rustled though the bushes. I paused to listen.It was coming closer, I could hear it panting. I worried that It maybe a bear, but soft flashes of lighting cast a shadow of the entruder across the front doorway. It looks like a large dog, All though I can't tell what kind because it was a short view and distorted from the angle. Releaved though that its a K9 of some sort I offered friendly calls to entice it to come join me inside. Come here boy.."whistling" come on..Its got to be cold in that rain, come on in.
    Rolling over onto my knees I moved forward towards the center of the room calling into the inky darkness. It padded heavly into the room. That a boy..good boy. I said, as i reach blindly into the darkess to offer a hand to sniff in greeting. A shower of water sprayed me as the beast shook itself off. Whoa there you where soaked, come here "whistling again" I heard it sniff,a warm breese passed across my hand followed by more sniffs. " Good boy" I say. It snorts, I can hear it moving around me, circling me. Getting alittle nervous, I try to see If i can touch it, I sure hope its friendly. As my hand searches, it seems to try to evade me. But I'm able to breefly touch it as its circling me. Its fur is long and silky yet thick. It seems to pause now, almost seeming to ponder. more sniffing but its gotten behind me, a huge warm wet tongue touches my balls and slides up my ass, Chills race down my spine as I'm goosed forward towards the bedding. Whoa..hey now.. Dont go doing that unless your going to do that all night, I laughed at the dog. I really wish I could see this thing, its huge, I'm not worried now because nothing agressive would ever do that. Feeling ever so horny anyway I roll over onto the bedding and started to stroke myself some more.. the wetness between my ass feeling a bit chilling now. A few moments passed and I was just about to forget my friend there when I got a hot breath of air across my lap. Sniffing about,It licks at my dick. Oh you like that do you? I say. I lay my head back and move my hand away, Like its heard me, it starts to lick away at me..the Huge tongue swollowing me, It was a moment or two befor I realised that I was being suckled . completely suckled. Moving my body alittle to the side I reach my hand towards were I beleave my new friend to be but I'm having a hard time reaching it. Finaly I feel fur..Fur full of rippling muscles..My hand is on its arm..Hmm..thats a Arm. Hey ! Who are you? I exclaim with a start as I realise this a human, err human like? My minds racing now trying to grasp this. Trying to sit up a huge paw or hand..hmm. paw like hand plants on my chest and shoves me back to the matress. It does not stop sucking on me, but a low growl can be heard and felt. It was not hard at all to catch its meaning, I relaxed back on the matress. This thing is injoying itself and it looks like I'm not in charge here. Grabbing one of my legs, It lifts me up high almost pulling my lower body off the ground,All the while it continues to injoy itself, now licking my ass. While quite scared now and having lost my hardon even with its attentions I find myself injoying the hot tongue exploring my ass. That tongue was as thick as some dicks I've had in
    there and it was long..ohh man was it long..it poked its way within me and rimmed me as I've never been done befor, I found myself with a raging hard on and rolled onto my belly befor it was done licking my ass. Like a huge rag doll its hands pulled my hips into the air, planting me on my knees. I try to lean back and resist some but again that low growl threatened me not to interfere with it.. a paw pushed my head back towards the ground. All
    this time I knew it was huge but never did I realise how huge this thing was. Knees 3 times the size of my own crunch down on both sides of me as I sit there on my own knees. Looking over my shoulder trying to see, Lighting gave me the light I needed.
    BBBbut."I stutter" I thought you were a myth. The Werewolf straddled my back. His huge head towered over mine. Fear gripped my heart as I made a move to get away. A huge paw planted my
    shoulder to the ground, my ass in the air. I found myself peeing where I was pinned. The Werewolf saddled up closer,I felt like a small child. Its sheath touches my ass poking looking for that wet spot he has so thorowly cleaned, It finds its mark and Like a sword sliding into its scabbard the wolf slides its 14 inches into me. I cried out gruntingly as Pain sliced though my guts. His huge dick passed portals that have not accepted a member
    this away.Its dick was firery hot,Crying tears of fear and pain I beg for mercy, but its desires will not be denied. All though I do remember that at this point it did seem to pause for a few minutes, It really helped me I remember because I was able to force myself to relax my ass more, this thing was tearing me apart. But just as I was hoping the pain would
    subside, The beast started stroking, riding me like a dog. Long strokes that I was sure where killing me inside, Then the swelling, Oh god I'm going to be ripped in half, the dick swelled, Its knot popping in, popping out..finaly with a hard thrust pushed in deep and it swelled ..and swelled. My stomach turned, I felt like I was going to throw up. Hot and cold
    flashes washed over my whole body as it faught this intrushion. Finaly my belly could not take the pain anymore and I spewed my lunch, A cold sweat dripped from my forhead as the beast continued to pump my ass with its hot knot solidly imbedded within. I was slowly losing consiousness from the pain as it wrapped its huge arms around me and lifted me impaled on its shaft onto its lap and sat backwards. laying there on its chest panting for
    air like a dieing fish i laid. weird thoughts raced through my mind..ones of pleasures and pain..of how good it felt yet how bad it hurt. I remember hearing a voice, deep, gudderal whispering " What does not kill you, makes you stronger. My bitch" Its tongue licked my ear as a paw raked across my chest leaving deep slashes. I passed out........
    Next I knew I awoke on that bedding, I wondered if it was a dream till I noticed the blood all down my legs, But I felt good. Gathering my clothing I left in a hurry.
    Weeks went by, I felt great, It all had to be some kind of weird dream shit, I must of just been scratched and tired from going though the woods or something. No way that could of happened.
    But as the Moon's cycle came together, I grew ever aware of how real it was, My ass iched like crazy, No matter how I scratched it or even fingered it I could not stop the iching,
    Then that night came, Thats when I knew. It was all to real.. and I was now indeed his bitch .
  10. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Having sex for 8 straight hours. An endless suply of drugs at the time too. All the women I've wanted to fuck would be there. And there would be my hottest teachers watching. Then eventually they would fuck me to.

    But hey, this is already happened to me. So i guess im happy ;)
  11. It's like penthouse forum...
  12. purcolekraze

    purcolekraze Member

    Goth sex with leather, handcuffs and whipps. I want everything, a whole torture chamber.
  13. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    hey about 14 hours ago i got a bj while driving then had sex on the beach at night twice :) im totaly serious. My girlfriend is awesome.

    And omniwulf, i really wish they would give you back your beatiality forum so we wouldent have to see this stuff.
  14. BOdoubleDy

    BOdoubleDy Member

    I wanna do it under a waterfall... definitely rough and passionate on the rocks with the water splashing...
    but for now... still a virgin, until my wedding night
  15. outside, anywhere, i love it out under the trees, in water, camping trips are awesome, especially with someone who initiates things. its like we can't keep our hands off eachother so we have to do it then and there. i love being naked in natural water or laying on grass :0)
    the waterfall sounds awesome, too
  16. alpacas_r_us

    alpacas_r_us Member

    Hell no. One of my many fantasies has always been to have a girl force me to put on her sexy lingerie, sexy outfit, and makeup. Then she'd treat me like the woman...use and abuse me. And finally she'd let me bang the hell out of her. [​IMG] Sounds like the time of my life.
  17. alpacas_r_us

    alpacas_r_us Member

    But if we're gonna tell full sex fantasies...

    "Hi there."
    "Hi", I replied, shocked that she said anything to me as I poured myself some coffee. I had already seen her once that morning, and her outfit caught my eye. I wondered if she had seen me looking at her.
    "Starting at 6 am is just WAY too early...isn't it?", she asked as she waited for her turn at the coffee.
    "It sure is. But I get a lot more work done when no one is here."
    "I try to get other things done while no one is here. But it's hard to stay awake. So I check my email...you know, read all the iffy stuff that I wouldn't dare open during normal hours."
    "Yeah, I get some stuff like that", I replied, even though I was curious as to exactly what she meant.
    "I've got this friend that sends me all kinds of raunchy stuff that is best checked out while I'm sure no one is watching me", she went on to explain. "I don't really need to look at it, but I find it so intriguing that I have to look."
    I was shocked...did she really just tell me that? "Your friend sends you this stuff?"
    "Yes, she's kind of crazy, and is always bugging me with these pictures. You know...to rub in the fact that I don't have a boyfriend right now. She's always got plenty of boyfriends to keep her busy."
    "Well, how bad could they be?"
    "Oh, they show great detail sometimes. Come back to my office and I'll show you quick."
    Holy shit. Did she say what I thought she did? I'd been watching her on and off for months now, since her office was just down the hall from mine. I always thought she was rather cute. Shinny, shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights. Perfect skin. Dressed nice. She was just super cute. Recently she wore a pair of sexy black knee-high boots with this cute long gray skirt to work. That really peaked my interest, since I always liked those boots. I couldn't help but notice again today she had those boots on, with a short flowing black skirt, and a tight white sweater. My head was racing as I followed her back to her office. My eyes wondered down her ass and legs to those cute boots. Very nice.
    "You haven't seen anyone else here this morning yet...have you?" she asked.
    "No. The guys I work with ususally don't come in for another half an hour or so", I replied.
    "Good", she said. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, as she sat down at her computer. She lowered herself into her chair, and smoothly crossed her sexy legs. She sifted through a couple of emails and finally opened one addressed from her friend. My eyes gazed intently, not knowing what to expect.
    "I think she finds this pretty funny", she said in reponse to my chuckle when the first picture came up of a naked, built guy with a raging hardon.
    The next one was of a guy licking some chick pussy. Then came a couple of regular sex shots. Finally there was one shot of a woman bent over a desk, with a large dick shoved in her ass.
    "Wow, it seems to me that she is suggesting something to you", I said.
    "Yeah, she's such a tease. She knows I like them, but I'm not experiencing any of them first hand."
    "Well, that's too bad. You should be. I mean, I'm kind of surprised that you're not."
    "Well you know" she said, "how someone can get wrapped up in work. The next thing you know...the personal life has gone to hell. My life wasn't always this busy. I used to have fun like these people" she said, pointing to the computer screen.
    By this point, my dick was as hard as a rock. I couldn't believe how much detail she was going into. "Yeah, me too", was all I could manage to reply.
    "You ever fucked a woman in the ass?" she said.
    "Yes, but not recently" I replied slowly.
    "Did you like how it felt?"
    "Absolutely. It's a whole different kind of feeling, which is definitely not a bad thing."
    "Some people find it hard to believe that a woman can enjoy it too" she said. "I've had some of my best climaxes like that. Oh boy, sadly it's been a while for me too." With that, she uncrossed her legs and stood up.
    Now it was clearer to me that all of this attention she was giving me was for a reason. I didn't know what to do. I was still hesitant to make some kind of advance on her, but I also didn't want an opportunity to slip away, if it was presented.
    She leaned back against her desk and looked at me very invitingly. She didn't say word, yet some how I knew exactly what she was thinking. I took a step toward her, and her smile got even bigger. I forced my neverous legs to take the next few steps until I was right in front of her.
    "Care to help a lonely girl out?" she wispered in my ear.
    "I'll do what I can" was all I could manage to get out before we were locked in a deep kiss.
  18. alpacas_r_us

    alpacas_r_us Member

    It was like all of our emotions rushed directly to our lips. Our hands started to work each other's bodies. Our tongues touched and our mouths ran wild. I pressed my body tight up against hers, and worked wet kisses all over her neck and upper chest. I barely noticed that she had worked open my pants. I ran my hands down her side, as she pulled my stiff dick from my pants. I worked my hands under her skirt and gently rubbed her pussy through her panties. She stroked my dick, and finally released her perfect mouth from mine.
    "Remember, we don't have much time...", she managed to get out before our tongues met again. Our passionate kisses continued as she rotated her body away from me. After what seemed like years, our kisses stopped, and she fully bent over her desk. I slowly lifed her skirt and gazed at the beautiful sight before me. She had a beautifully round ass, accentuated by a black lacy thong. She was wearing black thigh-high stockings with lace tops, which led me down her sweet legs to her sexy black boots.
    I knelt down on the floor, almost as if I was worshiping her. I ran my hands down her silky legs as I kissed her perfectly shaped ass.
    I damn near lost my load as my fingers ran from her legs to her boots, and my tongue found it's way to her lace covered pussy lips.
    I couldn't stand it much longer, so I reached up and pulled her thong aside. Two beautifully shaven pussy lips poked out at me, both leading to her sweetly smooth ass. My mouth almost instinctively darted for her yummy folds. My tongue probbed in and out of her sweet moistness, and my hands continued to wander all over the lower half of her body.
    I could of done that for hours, but I knew we didn't have much time before other workers started to arrive. I stood up again, and with my raging dick leading the charge, I pressed my hips all the way to hers. She must of really been horny too, since her tunnel was very warm and wet. I could almost feel her pussy gripping my cock with all of it's might. She let out a soft groan...noticeably trying to stay quiet.
    I paused for a brief momemnt with the two of us joined like that. I didn't want to ever leave that possition. She reached back and started to rub my hip with one hand and gently rubbed her clit with the other. I started to work my stiff cock back and forth inside of her. Each movement was like sheer pleasure as her hot pussy gripped tighter and tighter.
    After just a few minutes, she slid her hand father back and started massaging by balls. I slowed down my thrusting to enjoy her gentle touch. He other hand went from my hip to the base of my dick, and carefully directed me out of her.
    "Why don't you give me what I really want?" I heard her whisper over her shoulder. With that sly look on her face, and my throbbing dick in her hand, she pushed the wet head of my cock against her asshole. Then she pushed her whole body backwards onto my dick.
    I knew I couldn't last long like this, since the immense pleasure was indescribable. She released my dick from her hand and worked her hips and ass back toward me a little bit at a time. My knees almost collapsed as I just stood there. My mind was so foggy, I wasn't sure what I was doing.
    "Give it too me quickly", she said.
    "With pleasure", I responded. She continued to rub her clit while I grabbed her hips and started to bang away.
    Now anal sex is definitely one pleasurable thing, but it feels even better with some nice pussy juice lube, and having her hips moving back and forth in rhythm with your own thrusts.
    She worked her clit faster and faster, as I made my stokes as long and as deep as I could. I felt her tighten up as she climaxed repeatedly. She muffled as many of her noises as she could. Hearing her groan was too much for me, as I sped up my thrusts as fast as I could go. I unloaded my hot cum with a final deep thrust, and paused. My dick was buried all the way to the base, inside her tight ass. It continued to pulsate, with shot after shot of sperm inside of her.
    I almost couldn't move. I was frozen in position, since my mind was completely clouded over. She rubbed my hips and ass as I stood there forever...enjoying every last second of pleasure inside of her.
    Suddenly we heard a noise from outside her office. My eyes glanced over at the clock...6:25. Shit, co-workers were starting to show up. That seemed to clear my head instantly. I pulled out of her with one final pleasurable motion.
    "Quick, someone's coming", she said. Quick as lightning, I got my pants back up and fastened. My heart was still racing and my breathing was short as one of her co-workers peeked inside.
    "Mornin'", he said. Then walked on by.
    "Well that was close", she said and smiled.
    "But well worth it", I replied.
    She stepped over close to me, and gave me one last deep kiss. "Thank you so much. I really needed that."
    "It was my pleasure." I turned and started to walk back to my office. A few steps outside her office, I turned and looked back at her beautiful form. She still stood there, leaning against her desk, with a huge smile on her face. I smiled back, and she gave me a quick wink.
    Oh, how could things be any better?


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