What's your spin on Zim ?

Discussion in 'Florida' started by RIPTIDE59, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Sanford's Zimmerman case seems pretty interesting. Just curious what your opine is.

    Personally, not a racial incident, but unfortunately , an overzealous condo cop. we know the type.

    Manslaughter? Murder 2? Nothing?
  2. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    read in the paper today about a pathologist describing zimmerman's wounds do go along w/ his story quite well of travon fighting him and hitting his face on the sidewalk.

    and also read the defense is trying to get travon's text msg's,describing his talk of violence and guns.

    but i dont really follow huge court cases that much. didnt really follow casey anthony's either
  3. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    its not hard to figure out:

    the black man was dangerous..
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Zimmerman was totally in the right.

    Trayvon was a little fucking punk-ass bitch.

    Had he been a white kid, this would be a non-issue. But the media MUST make race an issue every opportunity it gets. I am so sick of that shit.
  5. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Interesting responses. Possibily correct. However, one issue bothering me is the fact that zim was told by authorities to back off. He disregarded this warning. Seems like a cop wannabe on a fantasy mission.
  6. Sig

    Sig Senior Member

    He wasn't told that (specifically to "back off") by any sort of "authority". He was told by a 911 dispatcher, who has zero "authority", that they didn't need him to follow Trayvon. Oddly, though, the dispatcher kept asking for updates as to what he (Trayvon) was doing after that.

    Anyway, I think Zimmerman should walk. Given the evidence so far presented, and the testimony or witnesses/experts, I cannot fathom how any jury could convict him of 2nd degree murder. I think the prosecution is thinking the same as they are currently petitioning the judge to tell the jury to consider other, lesser charges (manslaughter, aggravated assault)
  7. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Yanno , I'm still trying to figure out how the self annointed , pro barry , left leaning , media can "morph" a hispanic dude into a white guy. Interesting. By looking at Travon's pictures the media seems to present a kid who grew up in a matter of months. Once again , I call bullshit on the naacp.

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