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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pests and Problems' started by K2Bord21, Jan 28, 2005.


How well is this doing 1-4 (4 being the best!)

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  1. K2Bord21

    K2Bord21 Member

    I know the picture sucks... but you can see it well enough to make an assesment.... Is it growing to tall before actually branching off? What happens from this point? What can i do to make it betteR?
  2. Mud_Hunter

    Mud_Hunter Member

    Its green..its growing :) Nice size pot...dont like the foil & maybe your lights are to faaaarrrr away ?
  3. b1v2w3

    b1v2w3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Picture sucks, plant's too tall. Bring it closer to the light (use a fan to keep it from getting too hot). Foil won't substitute for proper light intensity. Heap some dirt around the base of the stem to promote feeder suckers. It'll do great. b1
  4. K2Bord21

    K2Bord21 Member

  5. bUrNEd_oUt420

    bUrNEd_oUt420 Member

    your light has to be at least 30 in away from plant. you should try the LST method. and you should deffinately take the foil down (its doing no good, and is just creating hot spots). if your closte walls or where ever your growing are white then that will do fine. if not then just go to walmart and buy an emergency blanket. they are only 2 - 3 bucks and it will deffinately cover your space. and what size bulbs are you using what kind of light???? etc etc......
  6. bluntsofkush2

    bluntsofkush2 Member

    Foil is a lot less reflective than white paint, like said above. But what is better is mylar which is the most reflective material around. Plant looks wispy but not too bad. If you want to keep those internodes tight use a flourex 65 watt lamp so you can put it within an inch or two and have more lateral branches.
  7. bluntsofkush2

    bluntsofkush2 Member

    also put a fan on the little lady so those wimpy branches become stronger, or whatever will give it a little sway in the sun!

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