Whats your favorate phish song and what version

Discussion in 'Grateful Dead and Phish' started by feelgoodabouthood, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Whats your favorate phish song and what version, I know its hard to pick just one mine changes all the time. But for now it is proball
    Harry Hood i like the version on A Live One the best
  2. the Alive One Hood is amazing. 94 was a great time period.....

    i think its impossible to say what my favorite tune is.....but as of right now, my favorite jam of theres is the "46 Days" from the fest IT.....it clocks in around 45minutes and its amazing. Trey gets so dirty....they go thru all the peaks and valleys of the jam....its truly a trip and i am jealous of all who were there...
  3. Yes i do agree 46 days is exelent and the whole It DVD was amazing
  4. guyute625

    guyute625 Member

    the first phish song i ever blew my load to was YEM. out of 30 yems i now have, A Live One is my favorite. my second would def be Div Sky from live phish 13, fucking gordo is amazing that whole show and that song in particular
  5. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    i dont have too much live phish since im broke as shit and only have a couple shows and some studio albums, but my favorite song over all has got to be divided sky. i also love the 46 days on from IT festival DVD

  6. do they have the whole 46 Days on the It DVD??? if so, fuck yeah.....

    another great jam that i'm very into is 2/14/03 "Fee>Taste"
    they go into the greatest ever ambient jam....Trey has him whammy all the way up doing that high guitar thing he does, they are all just so hooked up.....i'm jealous of them for being so good and so hooked up....check it out....
  7. Moma dance is pretty awsome on the phish live in brooklyn DVD. It is a great jam at the first of the song. But i find Moma dance to be one of the best phish songs to dance to.
  8. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Member

    Chalkdust Torture from Live Phish 16..actually that whole side is incredible

    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

    difficult to choose,but i love "mike's song" and " a song i heard the ocean sing"on the live in brooklyn cd
  10. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    split open and melt, studio verison.
  11. Fee or Fluffhead.. both studio
  12. Amazing Moma Dance....they get into a straight up dirty jam. absolutley amazing. some of my favorite musical textures arived from that jam....
  13. Check out the Lemonwheel Ambient Jam....its clocks in at 55 minutes....it was a late night Phish surprise. they came out onto a smaller stage, surrounded by hand made candles, made by the Phans....and just picked a key and jammed. it is so good. amazing stuff....

    "Scents and Subtle Sounds" 8.12.04- the actual start of the song [first minute or so] is kind of bad...they were not gelling. then they just click and they finish the song off perfectly then it turns into a great jam, based of loops and delay. almost Tower Jam like.....which brings me to....

    "Tower Jam" IT-- what a jam. atop a huge flight tower they proceeded to "power up" and take flight into space to return you home safely after almost an hour of amazing improv.....

    "Piper" 7.12.00- The energy is just off the hook....I originally heard this at my History of Rock class.....it was the pre class music. i walked in and immediatly was blown away that Phish was on the stereo...then i was mind fucked by the crazy Piper....this is a must here.....in fact all around great show....
  14. I LOVE the lemonwheel ambient jam! so so good! My current fave is the contact from 7-16-94. Contact is always a nostalgic one for me because it was one of the first phish song I heard.
    - also My friend, My friend studio, Gumbo A Live One, and Run Like an Antelope studio.
  15. check out 8.16.96 Cliffords Ball "Mikes>Simple>Mikes>Simple>Contact>Weekapaug"...

    you will not see it listed as that exactly, most setlists read "Mikes>Simple>Contact>Weekapaug".....but it is so obvious that they go into simple and right back into mikes after the simple intro, to go back into simple later......

    great jam....awesome contact, with great, perfectly energized and hooked up.....very good....
  16. I checked out the setlist - looks like an awesome show - and a sick jam. Im downloading from etree but its taking forever.

    - oh and for my new current fav - the Wormtown Jam from 7-2-97. Really good show, I highly recomend checking it out - amazing stash and free!

    I think you know where you are...
    You're on the back of a worm!!
  17. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    I figured someone else would say this guess not, but the YEM from 7-25-92 with santana jamming out on it. Best YEM ever, everything about it, but especially the second half man that funk is so uber. Ima put that shit on right now.
  18. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

  19. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    and run like an antelope 5-26-89, dedicated to cam neely

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