what's your band's name?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by natural philosophy, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    i know a lot of you are probably in bands or at least play music with other people informally or whatever. list what you play and what it sounds like and what your musical influence and all that. list whatever you want about your band.
  2. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    i play guitar (electric at moment-trying to get acoustic) and bongos. i play drums a bit.

    i am not in a band. i just play with friends whenever we have our instruments together, but i'm trying to get a friend or two together with me to make a ska/reggae band.
  3. CK420

    CK420 Member

    haha i jam with friends everyonce in a while
    no actuall band but i always bring one of my guitars to circles with close friends
    i have
    a full acustic Gibson Cj-165
    a semi acustic Ibanez
    and a Fender Squire (dont care much for electric)

    if i had a band the name would be
    Hence The Whispering
  4. vactom

    vactom Fire on the Mountain

    Pink Floyd.
  5. paintballer687

    paintballer687 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I was in a ska band called The Three Armadillos. Then I joined the makings of a funk band, but we never found a decent guitarist so we quit before making a name.
  6. paintballer687

    paintballer687 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Oh, and I play drums. I've got a 6-pc. Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute w/ Pearl Free Floating snare and Sabian HHX cymbals. I play ska, funk, fusion, jazz, blues, rock, pretty much anything.
  7. OstrOsized

    OstrOsized Member

    I play guitar in a few bands. One band is a Jazz combo band that doesn't have a name yet. And the other is a rock/other band(I'm not sure what genre to put it in because we have a lot of different influences and genres blending together), currently, for the rock/other band, our idea for a name is Synergy. We are currently working on some recording and I'll post something when we get that done.

    My playing is influenced by jazz, blues, 60s & 70s rock, metal, alternative, classical, neo-classical, folk, and other genres that I may not listen to a lot, but will show up maybe in my playing at some time.
  8. Chaseman80

    Chaseman80 Member

    my bands name is Don't Tell Mama...Progressive/Classic Rock/all around rock....

    I play bass in it and Guitar in another metal band

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