whats this mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Freedom_Man, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I had this dream about 3 times during my nap.

    I saw the band the doors get out of a helicopter walking off, watching them leave i looked down and saw a beach chair witha box full of papers, notebooks(all blank unused) and some pens... then this blond headed woman takes a pen out and sticks it in her mouth.

    This one is weird... a tiger cub was walking across this bar stand at walmart, tellin me to be zen, showing me a group of people talking and getting all excited.

    and last one.

    i was going back to school with my parents from a doctors appointment, we go to my elementary school, and walk across the playgrounds and i see 2 young boys walking on the playground.

    i had a dream i was in one of those zelda games to.

    what do these mean?
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    Freedom Man ... the wonderful thing about dreams is that we are in a state of creating rather than seeking for a sense. Just close your eyes and know (and this too is waking up) ... and be your own inspiration and your own blank pages ready to be filled (... be it with beaches or bitches ;)).

    So I thought maybe the meaning of your dreams shows best where you keep on being creative in your waking life, and do not forget to be centered inside yourself before you get lost again to circling round and round, and keep on becoming who you are ... even as you keep changing on ... with the help of all those who fill your life with their own adventure.

    And like the two boys on the playing ground, you know there is always more than one option.

    Just an idea ... hope it makes sense.

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