whats the reason we get nightmares?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by jesusrules, Apr 16, 2007.

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    anyone? lately I get some pretty fucked up dreams like im shooting someone...believe me I could never do that. or that someone is trying to kill me, you get the point. I was wondering is there anything I can do to have good positive dreams?
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    well it's no one thing, although anxieties and stressess of every sort might be a factor.

    well the simple bottom line answer is of course fear itself. i mean, all the things that are legitimate fears, like the irrisponsibility of major economic interests and so on.

    but the sleeping mind, if not subject to external stimuli, will try to even things out.
    just depends. if the only places you seek gratification are themselves stressful, that can be one source too. but sounds, comming from or as a resault of, inconsiderate people, expecialy those associated in the mind with stressful experiences, expecialy occluded ones, these will almost certain trigger both challanging situations in the dream environment, but often inhibit the flexibility that would otherwise be there to deal with them.

    to have good positive dreams? a quiet environment is probably number one.
    by a quite invironment i mean the sounds that you can now hear that you wouldn't, or wouldn't notice when you were more active during your wake cycle, are also, for the most part nonstressful ones.

    also how you feel about things helps. so talismans that work for you own unique perceptions to releave or fend off stress are good too. and of course there's the old reliable herbs under the pillow. mint especialy.

    but for gosh sakes turn off the damd dramatic entertainment media before falling asleep. i mean at the very least. tv, radio, what have you. you own recorded instrumental music without vocals might be all right if you absolutely have to have some kind of sounds, or need them to obscure sounds more stressful that are beyond your own sphere of influence.

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    I thought ... to have good, positive dreams, you gotta let go, and change your inner view first and make yourself a positive place, no matter what rattles at your doors at night (or in plain daylight) ... and trust into life rather than into fear. Look on it from the other side. And then be the way yourself ... be positive in all your actions and reactions, and do not expect others to save you. You are your own greatest potential. Where do you want it to take you ? There you go. You are already there. Just embrace the experience, and know - this, too, is your choice.

    Of all dreams, nightmares hold the greatest potential.

    And when you enter your dreamtime, you connect to to many strings and places of experience ... and even though not all are yours by origin, you make it yours, as you seek for your own places of power ... in order to change and find your own depth, and your own greater potential, and your own greater awareness within yourself.

    So honor the dreams, and all those who are partaking. Image each who is partaking in the dream choose their role in full responsibility and awareness, in order to find greater understanding within themselfes ... their own potential, and their own waking ... even as you do. Love them for what they came here for, and let go.

    The nightmares ask you to wake ... literally ... as simple as it is.

    Lots of talk ... well i hope it makes sense. Good night then !
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    Same reason we have good dreams, it takes the best and worst to balance things out.

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