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    The difference between You & Me[​IMG][​IMG]
    by Vernon Howard

    1. You are as stubborn as a mule, but I am loyal to my noble beliefs.
    2. You are a blabbermouth, but I am endlessly generous in contributing my wisdom to others.
    3. You are pushy, but I take constructive initiative.
    4. You are a shameless glutton, but I am a daring explorer in the world of food and drink.
    5. You have cunning greed, but I have admirable ambition.
    6. You express childish anger, but I firmly denounce all forms of injustice.
    7. You are rude, but I am not afraid to say what I think.
    8. You indulge in petty gossip, but I discuss other people in order to sympathize and help them.
    9. You are lazy, but I possess relaxed patience.
    10. You think the world owes you a living, but I wish only my rightful rewards so richly deserved.
    11. You have an evil lust for power, but I have a natural talent for social leadership.
    12. You nervously run from one foolishness to another, but I happily pursue many meaningful activities.
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