Whats the best show you've seen?

Discussion in 'Grateful Dead and Phish' started by Half A Sandwich, May 28, 2007.

  1. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    Phish 06/07/2009
  2. mmm rice

    mmm rice Member

    there have been way too many! I would say the last Dark Star show I saw. I love seeing them, they're always amazing. Either that or the String Cheese show I saw at Rothbury. It was incredible!!
  3. harpua9000

    harpua9000 Member

    sweet...i was born that day

    #1 for me would have to be phish 11/15/98 in murphreesboro, TN

    Set 1: My Friend My Friend, Ghost, Driver, Scent Of A Mule, Cavern, Limb by Limb, Roggae, La Grange

    Set 2: Runaway Jim, Stash, Mike's Song > Simple > Wading In The Velvet Sea, Loving Cup, Weekapaug Groove, E: Rocky Top

    I watched while Trey watched me lose my mind on the front row (weren't many chicks that night) during 'my friend'

    possibly the best 'stash' ever played
  4. gonephishin77

    gonephishin77 Member

    phish fall tour 97' at the palace of auburn hills blew my mind!!! i will never be the same!! one good rock concert can change the world :D
  5. 1992-1996 - 3/23/95 entering the charlotte coliseum and seeing the grand piano on stage sent shivers down my spine, that could only mean one thing...he's back. i don't know if the old man held off that night out of respect for the guest or what but wow... sure the first time i saw the boys blew my mind, and i was never disappointed anytime i went back, but wow, bruce's visit injected life that i had never seen before on that stage. back then i generally did whatever it took to get to the phil zone, so i was right there. they were playing around like children, bruce was teasing everybody, especially vince, doing frankenstein impressions while laying down the law on the grand and just being an absolute monkey, jerry would have to bite his lip to stop from laughing the whole night. the energy will never translate to recording but the music was simply incredible for 95'. by and by my favorite night of music ever. someone somewhere has to have a video... please...

    1996-2002 - merl. it don't matter when, it don't matter where. he could have turned WWII into a dance party. no one tore the roof off the mother sucker like that man, period. at least on my watch.

    2002-2009 - furthur. hands down. joe, jay, jeff, john, phil & bobby & all those that helped make this happen: thank you for bringing me home.

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