Whats So Interesting About France?

Discussion in 'French' started by sssmokin, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. sssmokin

    sssmokin Member

    i need to do a 20 minute project presentation on france and something about its culture like film, gouvernment etc. Can anyone give me any interesting and/or funny ideas that will make the students interested? this is for gr 12 french class. thanks a lot.
    xox Janette
  2. treehugger1

    treehugger1 Member

    fumer merde. tehhe xxx
  3. Allô-oui?

    Allô-oui? Member

    Hahaha. J'ai trop fumé la moquette.

    You could tell them about driving à Paris. Les Parigots sont très...alors, ce sont des puts de merde when they drive. And Belgians drive too slowly, Suisse also. There are riots because of religeuse reason, too. The streets of Paris is all merde from dogs. All of the pavements and everything. Do not waste time with the gouvernment ;)

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