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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Duncan, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    I've lived a vegetarian life in the past and am looking at picking it up again. One of the biggest challenges for me what deciding what to have for breakfast. The vegetarian can still eat eggs, yogurt, milk, and cheese. The other issue that I face is that I not only want something that is well-balanced, I also want something that is low calorie and filling.
    The only things that are off the table for me are olives and foods that are hot (i.e., chili pepper kind of hot). So, I will eat beans, peas, pulses, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, and soups. I try to limit carbohydrates so I would opt to eat whole grains as such rather than toast. This could be a portion size of steel cut oats, farro, red winter wheat berries, hulled barley, or groats. I tend to make about a cup at a time and have it for about a week. Soups I make in the crock pot are usually part of lunch and a snack, but I do sometimes drink it or breakfast.
    I know some people just eat granola and a side of fruit (cut up melons and berries). That's really not enough for me.
    If you have suggestions, I'd be eager to hear about your choices :)
  2. quark

    quark Parts Unknown

    Bacon and eggs.
  3. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe Visitor

    The possibilities are nearly endless, given what you listed. Breakfast isn't a particularly meat-centric meal, so there isn't much you are missing out on.

    If you want something low calorie and filling, try scrambling egg whites (or regular eggs, for a few more calories and many added nutrients) with salsa or other vegetables. You can add a lot of veggies for very few calories. Throw some cheese in there if you wish. The protein from the eggs has good staying power and will keep you full for a while.

    Oatmeal is another good one, and it has endless variations. I like oatmeal with pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla. Or make a serving of oats, add a splash of vanilla, and throw in a pint of fresh or frozen berries. Old fashion rolled oats are fast and filling.

    Whole wheat toast spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana (sprinkled with cinnamon) is also great.
    Toast spread with mashed avocado, salt, pepper, and sliced tomatoes is an alternative.

    Greek yogurt, stir in a bit of peanut butter, or some berries. Have a piece of toast or some sliced vegetables on the side.

    I could go on!
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  4. I typically eat organic oats with almond milk and some vegetable protein mixed in with banana slices. I some coffee. Then later I'll make 3 eggs (2 with whites only) and some purple potatoes.

    These are pretty good if you ever get curious about different kinds of potatoes. They taste a little like yams, and are a type of sweet potato.

    Anyway... That's breakfast. :)
  5. tumbling.dice

    tumbling.dice Visitor

    This morning I had Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies (in BBQ sauce) left over from last night. And a pot of coffee. And Prilosec for the acid reflux that I have for some reason. :)
  6. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    These days it's been rice and beans for me. I add some sauteed vegetables (red peppers, mushrooms, onions) and a soft-cooked egg. It's what makes me get up and go.
  7. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Ulster Fry - Sausages, eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, soda bread, potato bread and rounded off with two door-step slices of toast & butter, all washed down with a large mug of coffee.
  8. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member Lifetime Supporter

    just plain fruit with a few nuts and either a croissant or a piece of plain wholemeal bread/toast. and black sugarless coffee.

    sandwich, miso soup or vege soup at lunch, maybe 2-3pm.

    Indian vegetarian dish n 2/3 chappattis evening. a beer, brandy. earl grey tea.

    variety also

    Simon :)
  9. Totally Yoda

    Totally Yoda Lifetime Master of the Moderator Force Super Moderator

    I eat Wheatons (whole wheat cereal with zero fats and very low carbs and sugars) with a cup of blueberries every morning.

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