Whats do you like to wearing - Jeans? Dress ? Skirts?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by dealrocker, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    I live in sundresses during the spring and summer, unless i'm doing something active then i'll wear shorts and a tank top. I hate the feel of clothes on me so i like when i can wear as little as possible.

    in the winter I wear skinny jeans and sweaters layered over long sleeve shirts. i have a pretty good collection of vintage sweaters going on. I hate wearing all those layers though, as soon as I am home and in for the night I put on yoga pants and a tank top.

    cant wait for the summer so i can go back to wearing loose and flowy sundresses. uggghhh i hate the feel of fabric
  2. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    I wear mostly skirts and dresses. I like comfortable flowy clothes that still make me look feminine and not like I have no shape lol
  3. goodboysue

    goodboysue Guest

    jeans and shirts for me.
  4. max ernst

    max ernst Guest

    jeans and my white t mos def
  5. lovelyxmalia

    lovelyxmalia Banana Hammock Lifetime Supporter

    I wear sundresses/skirts in the summer and I'll wear comfy jeans in the winter. My mom tells me I have no fashion sense, but I'd rather be comfortable than look like a supermodel any day!
  6. PeaceandKnots

    PeaceandKnots Member

    I wear a lot of different clothes usually. One day i'll be wearing a dress with tights and converse, the other a pair of trousers adorned with chains and shizz and a shirt, the other a vest top, headscarf and a skirt etc, so literally anything really, I have a range of styles all folded up into my very own, I like it that way
  7. in the winter i wear jeans, but in the spring/summer i am always in dresses and skirts
  8. Tinatian2010

    Tinatian2010 Guest

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  9. Anything loose. I'm no spring chicken any more! I love bright colours too
  10. squeezy

    squeezy Member

    Im a jeans and tshirt or joggers and t shirt kinda girl, I hate to wear skirts and dresses
  11. sanjose

    sanjose Member

    I was looking at the ages of the postings on clothing. Well some of us older hippies are caught in a time warp. Faded jeans, sandals, and 'whatever' top. I own 1 skirt for an emergency. I live in jeans, jean cut-offs, jean capris, etc. I learned to tie-dye in the 70's using stones, blocks and make awesome patterns. I make earthy tops out of 'finds in a thrift store' by re-vamping to my own style. I am still wearing the same Turquoise jewelry from the 70's. I have all my old political buttons from demonstrations and boycotts. You might say I am in a time warp, but my generation started the relaxed way of dressing and I am going out with my jeans, tie-die, remakes and flip-flops/sandals. I also look feminine in my 'retro clothes'.
    I have grandchildren your ages and they beg for my clothes. Love you all .
  12. Moe420

    Moe420 Banned

    i like to wear long flowy skirts in the summer or capris with lots of pockets cuz i always seem to have lots of shit to carry. when it starts getting cooler out i either put leggings under my skirts or just wear long jeans.
  13. sanjose

    sanjose Member

    that is a now look. the leggings with skirts and i like it. I love the way a lot of young people dress today. I have several hippie grandchildren, looks like it skipped a generation, and I make clothes all the time. re-make. If you are interested, this is how I got started. I went to a lot of head shops, retro shops, where flax linen is $150 per pants. looked at what made them exotic, drew a pattern, stitching and that is how it is done. It is all in the name of comfy, relaxed and YOU.
  14. sanjose

    sanjose Member

    do you live in Indy?
  15. Moe420

    Moe420 Banned

    Yea I do. And I meant leggings under my long skirts. I very rarely wear leggings as a visible part of my clothing.
  16. ladylala

    ladylala Member

    I love jeans. I only own a few dresses/skirts/shorts but lots of jeans.
  17. junegloom

    junegloom Member

    I don't like jeans at all, they're so stiff and tight and icky. I prefer sundresses, casual dresses, shorts or skirts. I like my legs to be free and I wear a lot of colorful tank tops, I love bright bold colors. I go barefoot or wear cheap sandals and I like to put flowers or beads in my hair
  18. Bassline514

    Bassline514 Member

    I'm a huge fan of dresses and skirts of all styles and lenghts, I love to dress feminine. No pants for me! I love leggings though and have a few pairs of shorts, but got no jeans or trousers.

    I kept some influences in my everyday look from my punk, raver and goth backgrounds: lots of black, purple, white and red, stripes, skull, leopard, plaid and camo prints, legwarmers, old ripped leather jacket, classical Converse hi-tops and a wide range of shirts, caps and buttons with offensive messages on them.
  19. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    During the summer, if I'm not at work, I'm usually wearing a skirt or a dress. And every now and then shorts. And always always always sleeveless shirts, lol. During the winter, I mostly wear jeans, but only bootcut or flared!
  20. roamy

    roamy Senior Member

    i love jeans,tshirts,skirts,dresses, a bit of everything really.

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