Whats do you like to wearing - Jeans? Dress ? Skirts?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by dealrocker, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. HippieFaerie

    HippieFaerie Member

    I like to wear jeans but for special occasions or hang outs I like dresses.
  2. dimachem

    dimachem Guest

    I'm going to go in Amsterdam in the end of January. Please, say me, when start winter sales in Amsterdam? Thank you, everybody!
  3. Mixed-Peppers

    Mixed-Peppers Member

    Favourite type of clothing -- > dresses
  4. I'll wear almost anything, so long as it's coordinated and isn't too tight in some places.

    My favorite right now happens to be skirts and dresses, although there's a bit of a cold snap here, so I'm stuck with jeans and t-shirts, and I'm always freaked out that someone will flip up the skirt/dress during classes or something.
  5. Bad.Fish

    Bad.Fish Sex wee pon de babylon

    I usually wear track suit pants and hoodies...dont have many clothes really, any ones I do have are cheap :D
    Apart from the surf shop that I used to work for. Nollaig, the owner, gives me all the damaged goods...I love her :D shes sound out!
  6. liyulianyanyu

    liyulianyanyu Member

    skirts often.many people like jeans.theythink it is handsome and seems be free with others.Skirts are also convenient and simpleness.
  7. wild-flowers

    wild-flowers forever arbitrary

    Jeans and skirts.......I love organic cotton and canvas bags. I dno'tnlike wearing shoes.
  8. Jolie Dawson

    Jolie Dawson Member

    I like wide wide WIDE leged jeans that I decorate in Sharpie rainbows and peace signs. But in the nice weather-only about four months out of the year in Boston-I'll wear really long skirts. No shorts, though; ever since I was a kid I've HATED shorts. I'll stick to my jeans and flowy bottoms, thank you very much.
  9. Americunt

    Americunt Corporate Hack

    I'd rather wear a dress or a skirt instead of pants.
  10. Lizmarie

    Lizmarie Member

    well I've always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and then shorts when it was warm...

    but now that I live in a warmer city, I am loving long skirts and pretty dresses
  11. Padme

    Padme Member

    Jeans in the winter, dresses/skirts in the summer.
  12. iSkate

    iSkate Member

    jeans and a tee! almost all the time
  13. YourRuca911

    YourRuca911 Member

    Depends what I'm doing :p I usually like to wear dresses or skirts on any occassion except when I'm lazy and just throw on a pair of jeans :) but I also lovee short shorts :D
  14. Sunburst

    Sunburst Fairy

    Jeans and tshirts most of winter, in summer I'm in love with sarong pants, sarongs and skirts :)
  15. sentastorm

    sentastorm Member

    tight s long skirts band t shirts
  16. i wear a little of everything. i really think the key to picking out things like skirts and dresses is comfort though. because if all your clothes are comfy and soft you will wear them, even if its not your usual thing.
  17. barefootlocks

    barefootlocks Senior Member

    Summer dresses!!!! They're my fav! I usually hibernate in the winter tho--yoga pants and sweaters...it's effn cold in Michigan so it's all about comfort...and warmth. But whatever, I usually make most of my clothes.:)
  18. gypsy_queen79

    gypsy_queen79 Member

    Jeans and a T. Thing is though, when Im at home and not going anywhere, Im in my jammies, which consists of a long T-shirt style nightie. It goes just past my knees. I think I scare the UPS drivers, answering the door at noon or 5pm in that get-up! hehee
  19. Pants. I can run around in them, jump in them, hang upside down, etc. without the world seeing my lower regions.
    I also like wearing dresses and skirts because i like the feeling when i spin around and its like SWOOOSH! And if i want to hang upside down in it then i will because i don't care.
    So i guess pretty much everything, but pants are more convenient. :D
  20. Skirts of all kinds!

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