What's Canada looking like ?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by flopoupou, May 23, 2004.

  1. flopoupou

    flopoupou Member

    I wonder to know everything about Canada because it's an attractive country for all French people
  2. Just4laughs

    Just4laughs Member

    Really almost all of the French in Canada live in Quebec. The must see spots are British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and maybe New Foundland. Quebec especialy Montreal is great during the summer because there is always a festival like the International Fireworks Competition, The Jazz festival and the Just For Laughs festival.
  3. Brocktoon

    Brocktoon Banned

    A lot of the younger Canadian population is sufficiently bilingual now.
    Most 30+ people in the western provinces are not good with french except the odd school-days word or two lol.

    My hometown of Edmonton has more french canadians per capita than any big city outside of Quebec.
    Wierdly, there is not a lot of french spoken or written in Edmonton, despite the numbers?

    Many French Canadian towns across Alberta and the Prairies.
    (Maybe explains why Albertans are so sympathetic to Quebec separatists??)

    New Brunswick is probably the one Province that is truly Bilingual (although Montreal is a city that is)

    Ive never been to Quebec City but people tell me it is simply awesome?

  4. flopoupou

    flopoupou Member

    Thanks for answering me ! :)
  5. it has, land, water, trees, flowers, pavement (alot sadly) houses, grass (yay), the country, wootness its pretty.:D
  6. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    to say canada is verry big country is an understatment. its roughly 7000km coast to coast and 4000km north to south, no one could possibly see all of canada in their life time

    we have everything, deserts with sand dunes and rolling sage brush, rainforsts, flat plains, big moutians, small mountins, rolling hills, lakes that vary in saze from small ponds to small oceans. muskeg and artict tundra, glaciers. you name it. about the only thing you wont find here is palm trees.

    Im partial to bc and western canada as its where im from. I love the mountians. I know Ill spend all my life here.

    But even in saskatchewan there is plenty to see and do. the provinces northern boreal forests contain some 50000+ lakes, many with crystal clear water and sandy beaches. with some of the best fishing in all of north america.

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