Whats a surfer to do?

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by MoonSurfer, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. MoonSurfer

    MoonSurfer Member

    Can anyone name some good healthy jobs for a surfer girl. I want an education and live a life where I can always support myself but live near the waves. So many of the places with waves are hard and expensive to live.
    What should I do? Costa Rica is great but I cant work here legally. :( unless I wait for a REALLY long time and maybe get residency .... or have a baby heh
  2. treehuggerT

    treehuggerT Member

    Patagonia in Ventura CA is a great place for a surfer to work. If the waves are up, they surf during work. Water's really cold, though.
  3. jarsofglitter

    jarsofglitter Member

    Maybe you should look for something that interests you that's related to the ocean so you have a reason to live there? Marine biologist, coastal engineer, oceanographer, scuba diving instructor. If you're good at it, you could probably find a company that will pay you to live in a cool place and work. If not, these kind of jobs tend to have pretty good pay anyway.
  4. zihger

    zihger Senior Member

    Hawaii the best waves in the world.
  5. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    that's what I was going to suggest...

    It's what I did :)

    I'm a marine science teacher and live on an island with some great waves on the backside of the island.

  6. boarder1

    boarder1 Member

    haha, don't be any type of engineer (coastal or not)
    you will spend at least 4 years of your life learning really complicated math and science. then you will graduate, never use it again, and wonder why you wasted 4 years of your life studying.

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