what would you do if you found a sack....

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by madcrappie, May 25, 2004.

  1. I agree, but none of that is relevant when you got your five year old son or daughter crying because their hungry and you got nothing to feed them.

    Then minimum wage jobs begin to look appealing, am I right?
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    you both make good points in that the majority of the population are "wage slaves". Although, personally I don't know if anyone, (aside from 15 year old kids getting their first jobs), thinks that a minimum wage job is appealing. In this society though, sometimes we have to sacrifice, as you put it, to feed our children. But imagine if you had 100 people all focusing on the collective needs of the community in which they are living. Do you think your child will go hungry then? You say Communism wouldn't work, and on a larger scale, i agree. However, when you are talking about a smaller communist community, in which peoples values are basically the same, I see no reason why this isn't feasible and why we couldn't break free of this "wage slavery"

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    Absolutely, in it's pure form communism would allow everyone in the community to get what they need without anybody carrying the bulk
    of the drudgery. Native Americans lived just like that for centuries and
    had a much closer sense of community and a broader life experience.
    Too much of our energy is involved in subsistance now. We don't take
    the time to look at the sky or dance around the fire. I'm going camping
    this weekend and I'm going to damn well dance around my fire. You have
    to start somewhere.
  4. Woog

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    Yes, when it comes down to survival we take the subsistance job. And we grind
    away on the edge. That's how wage slavery works. You have a huge workforce
    living paycheck to paycheck, just getting by. Generation after generation.
    It's a fact but not in any way appealing.
  5. It doesn't have to be appealing; jobs aren't appealing, but it's called survival. Communism, democracy, none of that fucking matters when you got kids. I'm single without kids, but I've seen people in my neighborhood in such a situation.

    When you're an adult you have to make sacrifices and betray your morals because you got a starving child at home who you dont want to go to sleep hungry.

    Being an adult is about responsibility. I can say "I'm not working a minimum wage job and be a slave", but if I had two kids who were hungry and I got no help, I'll be a slave, work the eight hour seven day a week job because it's the right thing to do, because I'm their father and it's my duty to provide for them, no excuses. It ain't pretty, it ain't fun, but it's called responsibility and doing right by your children.

    My father worked five minimum wage jobs for us. He hated it, he despised slaving, but at the end of the day, he was a man because he made no excuses and fed his children and that's what it's all about; helping your children, because raising children means it's no longer about you, it's about them.

    I agree with the view on minimum wage, but it's a necessary evil, you have to survive at any costs, and if it came down to keeping my morals or feeding my children, my children come first and foremost.

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