What would it take for a Vote?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by harshhookah, Jan 2, 2005.

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    Can somoene please explain the process it would would take for our country or states to vote on the legalization of pot? Why dont we go about trying this? Maybe it would help to spread the information about marijuana and its surroundings.

    This is Democracy for those who dont know about it dont need to be ranting on about pot laws. And further into the subject a vote would help to discover the actual amount of interest on the subject.
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    If it were a perfect democracy where the people had a voice, do you tihnk that you will have a majority on your side of the vote?? I mean think about it all that untrue drug information the government hands out has got the people convinced. You trying to convince them otherwise may be like them trying to convince you that the government drug information is true. Go about things in a different way I say, try to find faults in the war on drugs.
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    The difference is one is true and one is a lie. And the truth can never be kept hidden forever.

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