what was your best ever fwb experience?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by MissKristyn, Jul 22, 2021.

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    My latest FWBs venture was a few years ago (right after lockdowns were spent) and it turned out to be the best of a mere few...

    We had known each other for over two decades, as friends, and hardly ever even flirted lightly throughout the years. Some things changed in her life. Some things changed in mine. In that context, we started chatting and opening up more. You know that certain euphoria when adults act like it, with candor and straightforward language colorizing exactly what they want in life nowadays? That's what I started experiencing, so I gave her a deep glimpse into my heart and soul. Told her just about everything and tacitly gleaned the rising excitement in her eyes, that distinct sexual brand of intensity in a human when they are about to cross a long-misperceived line that historically forbids sharing deep, dark secrets...

    It came out: I wanted to watch her masturbate while I did the same. She readily obliged; stood up, undressed, then took a laying-down position on my carpeted floor. I was perched on the couch. We both masturbated, with a gap of only about four feet apart. Besides watching every detail of her hand please her pussy, I could also hear the slurk-slurk sounds. Her tilting her head back ignited my other rocket boosters; her mouth opening and unleashing vocal delight fueled the fire. I started consuming the waft of her pussy (we had talked about pheromones prior, which, in retrospect, was the bell being clanged). A woman's natural fragrance always magnetized my senses and drew me nearer.

    Speaking of which, she drew closer, saying, "Now I have a better view of you" as she gazed at my cock. She watched me stroke it. After a few minutes, she asked "So, can I suck you?" I nodded, delighted by the self-invite and lusty look in her eyes. Her breathing cycled: exhale to inhale and...down on it. Wow, did she know how to use a tongue, and loved deep-throat. Her one hand jangled my sack-o-balls. She moaned and wafted the air with sounds of pure pleasure and eroticism (which I craved more). In our "open-minded discussions" previously, she did mention how she loved the taste and consistency of cum, and how she enjoyed swallowing. I knew I was in the right hands/mouth. Minutes later, I felt it when that utmost pulse of blood flow was seeking an outlet to depressurize. I uttered that I was about to cum. She moaned louder and bobbed her head in the affirmative --or was that just a hastened pace of bobbing up and down on a cock for heightened ecstasy?-- as I bucked a bit. I cupped the back of her head, feeling her bun whisk against my hand. She even groaned about that (BDSM was among her sexual fantasies repertoire, heavily inclined to being dominated).

    At that point, knowing the wide range of her sexual appetite she never had satiated...plus what she was doing to my cock with her warm mouth and Ninja tongue. I came! It felt like an electrified fiber-optic strand shooting through and out of my cock. What a generous feeling!

    Jeez, I just looked up and realized I may have written too long. In the event of response(s) interested in continuing/expounding, I will gladly and easily piggyback on what you just absorbed... (Hint: it sure was juicy)

    I came, hugely!
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    Had to have been the time I show up at her house which was unusual. At first I was skeptical about going there but husband was away. We hadn't fucked in her bed before because we usually used a hotel room even though her man knew we were FB's. Anyway I show up and as I walk into the living room I see another woman sitting there. Uh oh I thought, we may not be fucking today. It was her BFF. We exchanged hellos and started some chit chat. My FB suggested we head to the bedroom. Ummmm, what about the BFF I thought. But then she came with us and surprised me by joining in our sex. As we were getting situated my FB left the room. So there we were. me and my FB's BFF. She made the first move by pulling my pants off. It wasn't long before we were going at it without my FB. But then she comes in and joins us. It was a surprise threesome and little did i know my FB and her BFF were lovers too. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon that we repeated a few times plus the BFF and I hooked up separately on a couple of occasions too.
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    I’ve never had a fwb but I can see the appeal of that. There were definitely times in my life where it would have been a perfect arrangement. The closest I’ve come is I gave 1 friend a bi 1 time.
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    My fwb started out , she worked at a company I do business with. We would see each other and flirt - there was a mutual attraction . And one day the flirting got serious and she blurts out are you just all show and no go ? My response was to meet me at a local hotel the next day at noon , She showed up ! At the 1st kiss I knew it was going to be hot ! As I removed her clothes and sucked her large breasts. She mutters it’s been years since her husband had any interest in her. We played and sucked and fucked for 2 hours. Then went to lunch . I thought a one time thing got it off our bucket lists. The next week she came to my job site and said there was a project to bid on a house around the corner. So I got in her car we drove to this empty house she described the project as I was making notes she came over dropped to her knees , undid my pants and started sucking me . 2 hours later I returned to the job site. . That friendship continued for 17 years . She had a job change and her husband retired. So unaccountable time ended . Man I miss that girl lol
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    They’re a lot of fun because you can just have fun sex and just be able to try new things and if it didn’t work it didn’t matter because we weren’t together.
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    I wrote about my favourite fwb a few times

    Our first time I quickly found out she loved having her breasts played with and I loved it, and loved playing with them.
    One very exciting discovery one day was that I decided to play with them a lot more than I did before, nothing else, as foreplay and did it with more intensity.
    She was freaking out because she didn’t know what was happening to her body.
    I asked what she was experiencing and it turned out she was throbbing and tingling like crazy. We both had discovered that she had orgasms from her breasts.
    It was “too much” for her so I was happy to oblige and relieve her with my hand at the same time.
    I really took advantage of her sensitive breasts from that day on.

    Same fwb, I was the first she ever gave oral to because she decided she should, because I never turned her down and I always enjoyed giving her oral.
    So after much learning and giving longer oral she discovered she got very turned on when I started moaning, throbbing and twitching in her mouth. Turned on, meaning she was throbbing too, and her heart was racing.
    The fact that she became very aroused making me feel good orally made my experience of receiving so much better than just receiving it.
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