What was the best sex you ever had? Why?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by The Penis, May 28, 2004.

  1. The Penis

    The Penis Member

    What was the best sex you ever had? Why?
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    the best sex i ever had was with myself, it was the first porn i ever saw, never had a orgazm as good as that 1
  3. Jimmie

    Jimmie Member

    hello jetblack ,are you not to young to do porn ,i lioke porn but not to much the real thinge is nice,
  4. One time me and my ex boyfriend got into a fight and we both started to cry and were yelling at eachother, and he just started to angrily kiss me...And before we knew it we were making love. It was an enjoyable experience we were so upset went crazy and cried half the time. It was the most passionate sex i ever had with him
  5. kppdlevel1

    kppdlevel1 Member

    Actually it was 2 Friday's ago. It was with my fiance and we were drunk and it was like porn sex. The bedroom, the shower, it was the fucking greatest.
  6. MusicMan19

    MusicMan19 Music Elitist

    Make up sex! Can't do much better.

    My best sex was with one of my ex-girlfriends who was also a bassist in my band. I like a vixen who'll take control of me every once in a while. That's the best sex. Sex-kittens are awesome! I've not had any bad sex, though. I think it's more of a question to be asked to women. lol I don't think it's feasibly possible for a guy to have 'bad' sex. It's always awesome!
  7. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    July the 6th 2004. :p The day before Sebastian moved away to live in a different country... It was so passionate and so intense. It was one of the worst and hardest days of my life, but the sex was so amazing and beautiful. Blew my mind.
  8. MusicMan19

    MusicMan19 Music Elitist

    Sebastian is a wicked name. Although, that's not really relevant or anything. lol
  9. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    Yeah, I agree. :)
  10. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    the best sex was when I was with my ex and he was gone for about 5 months and he came back and it was the best ever :D ahhh, great times :D

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