What type of shoes do you wear if you are not barefoot

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  1. Yeah, in Canada it will be too cold I guess. Here we don't have so much snow (if any) and I don't have to walk for hours if I don't want to, so chances are good that I will get along without shoes.

    I also like to wear socks without shoes outside, it's a little bit more weird than barefoot. ;) Did it quite a few times, mostly cause the shoes I wore before fell apart so that I couldn't keep them on my feet anymore. Have no socks at the moment, perhaps I'll buy some if it gets colder.

  2. charlie35

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    I can't remember when I last wore socks. I hate them even more than shoes. Wanna try never to wear them again.
  3. Karen_J

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    The regular ones constantly slide down. When I absolutely have to, I wear the kind that stops just below the ankle.
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  4. First time snow footing yesterday ... :) Unfortunately my phone was dead so no photos. And today the snow is already gone. But perhaps we'll have snow again in a few days.
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  5. Mattekat

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    I got my nufoot shoes in the mail recently and I love them! Well I love one pair. I accidentally ordered the second pair with sparkly fake crystals all over them.....
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  6. Oops. :D But congrats to the nufoot shoes!
  7. jamesbreitbart

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    Flip-flops in summer, boat shoes in winter. I only wear socks if its below freezing.
  8. M_Ranko

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    Always either that, or fully bare. I never did learn to like flipflops, they look stupid.
  9. Mattekat

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    I found my old moccasins and have been wearing those lately. They have a very thin rubber sole, with no extra heel and are loose enough to stretch my toes in if I want to. I will be wearing those outside until the snow really gets here. I've been wearing the nufoot shoes at work too and they are great! Basically like socks, but they trick my employers into thinking I have shoes on.
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  10. AstroShark

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    I used wear my Vans slip-on shoes in colder moths but over the last 2 or 3 years , i got theese green ADIDAS sneakers that i have learned to really like so im wearing those till it gets warmer again. If im at work it's my regulation steel toe shoes
  11. Barefoot-boy

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  12. Asmodean

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  13. Cool! In the past I wore espadrilles (the classic ones with the sole made of hemp) even in winter. Those you linked seem to be more waterproof. ;) But I'm still barefoot ... no shoes.
  14. Dude111

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    I just wear sneakers Usually........
  15. I know there's already a topic about this, but I thought I would be a bit more specific. The question, like last time, is what do you wear when you don't go barefoot but then add to it when do you go barefoot?

    * 32 degrees F to 40 degrees F: Socks only or flip flops. Too cold and prickly feeling to be out barefoot for more than a couple of minutes.

    * 40 degrees F to 50 degrees F: depends on the surface. Sidewalk, barefoot. Asphalt, rough: barefoot. Asphalt, sharp: barefoot until the soles are so tender I am wincing almost every step, and the going is very slow. Asphalt, smooth: flip flops.

    * 50 degrees F to 96 degrees F: barefoot, longer distances on rougher and extended hot and flip flops are in a waistpack (fanny pack). Flat footbed flip flops because even smaller knobby flip flops causes too much friction on quick heat-burned soles and I have gotten blisters from the flip flops.

    * 96 degrees F to low 100 degrees F: barefoot, but longer distances with flip flops in hand so I can drop them on the ground even if I just stand on them.

    * Low 100 degrees F and higher: did this twice! I'm going to have flip flops in hand for any distance if I have to stand for even a shorter time. The first time required hot-footing flicking the foot up in the air at the end of each step... very burning hot and yet the sole in the air cooled off just that much before the next step; the second time I didn't hot-foot and was literally running into shade that was still hot and blistered by the time I was off the asphalt and on the smoother white sidewalk. The first time I got blisters but only after two vendor rows of a larger flea market, didn't bring shoes with me at all and paid for it by having to leave so soon, but hot-footed back to the car with no additional damage to the soles. The second time I spent four hours on hot pool deck colored sidewalk and the blisters never got larger. have no idea how hot the first time was, only that even one hour before the start of the hottest afternoon hours it was hot on the face with the windows down when driving 65 mph down the freeway, but not quite Mojave Desert peak heat hot as there were no heat waves so hot they looked like a lake because the freeway was also grooved concrete.

    * Snow: I don't do snow. If I did, it would probably be socks only for show, closed shoes with socks if it wasn't too deep to walk on it.

    * Frost on the ground: very slippery in bare feet, and no roughness or heat tolerance benefit... flip flops.

    * Rain: Closed shoes with socks. Closed shoes because flip flops get slippery, and I don't wear sandals of any kind. Doesn't get flooded enough for boots. Socks to prevent foot odor that might occur with closed shoes and no socks. Socks also to prevent back of the heel rubbing and possible blisters. Socks can also be removed if drenched by water... even if does mean the rest of the time closed shoes no socks, because the soles will have also been washed even if the soles are dried off.

    * Large railroad size gravel: flip flops. Some surfers walk on this to cross railroad tracks to the beach. Good for them, but for me that's ouch.

    * Rounded beach type of rocks: depends. If they are firmly positioned rocks, barefoot but the going is slow and sore. Flip flops if the rocks might slide because I don't want jammed toes, and flip flops with small traction on the soles slip less.

    * Gravel roads without asphalt coating: barefoot even if wincing if the asphalt is firm. Slippery loose gravel is flip flops.

    * Metal plates: I am working on short durations standing foot fully on the plate and rolling on the soles so that they no longer burn on contact and sting for several steps in the 100 degrees F range. Even if it makes hot asphalt feel much cooler, something about that metal burn really hurts even if it doesn't cause quick blisters.

    * Wooden boardwalks or piers, sealed or unsealed wood: barefoot, more deliberate steps to avoid sliding (and getting splinters). Stepping on the boards as much as possible for unsealed piers (but not on the rounded nail parts... ouch).

    * Brick tiles, raised and smooth: barefoot. Black brick is HOT, sometimes hotter and quicker burning than asphalt, but there is usually some concrete sidewalk or in some cases a grassy area shortly after the bricks. In the absence of any actual sidewalk, if it's a street then there is always the curb (if it's sidewalk color) or the gutter (but that can be rough and cause friction to pay attention to on burning soles).

    * I don't do stunt barefooting such as glass, or beds of nails.
  16. barfussgirl

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    I prefer wearing wooden sandals. Plastic makes my feet too sweaty.
  17. Well, as a male I have never worn plastic footbeds, but humidity and rubber footbeds get plenty sweaty even though I don't have a general sweaty soles problem. Enough hot asphalt walking to bake the dirt into the sole and block the soles from sweating helps, but that's a dirty sole that still has dirt in it after washing it surface clean. Still, I wouldn't think wooden footbed would be any comfortable than standing on laminated wood floor? Walking on it makes sense as long as the straps are secure, right?
  18. Orison

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    wooden sandals use to be popular, but I think people/woman stopped wearing them as much because they sound like loud horses or some thing, much louder than heels or flats ..
  19. abarambling

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    Sneakers and slip-on shoes are my favorite, in terms of what I have the most of and what I wear the most of. But, really I have all kinds of shoes, and like shoes in general. I have ankle boots, booties, calf boots, over the knee boots, one pair of closed sandals, one part of boat shoes, a few oxfords. I'm not a minimalist by any means.
  20. Shale

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    I wear flip-flops year round here in Miami Beach


    When I have to dress up, I wear athletic shoes, all man-made material (No Leather).

    Shale - only guy in Shorts San Fran Nov. 25, 2015

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