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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by Bucky, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Ok so I'm new here and have read a lot of threads, I'm trying to get as much info before I try it. I have a gram of 15X on the way and can't wait to try it, but a little nervous too. I'm open to any comments...please. I probably won't be able to have a sitter, but I have done a fair ammount of other drugs in my life so I hope I'll be able to keep from freaking out, although I don't do any illegal drugs anymore. With the 15X how much should I start out with? and is it a bad idea to smoke more when you feel it come down? Please tell me anything you think I should know, thanks.
  2. darkain

    darkain Member

    I am in the same boat as you. I Should have my 10x and 15x either today or tomorrow.... monday at the latest. I've done alot of research, here is what to do.

    Smoke only a very small amount
    Hold the smoke for 30 seconds
    Keep flame on Salvia the whole time
    Smoke in a bong if possible
    have a glass of water
    keep dangerous objects away
    make a very comfortable place (Bed will work)

    As for smoking when you start to go down, from what I hear you'll be so much in shock from what you just saw that you won't want to. Its "safe" becuase nobody has ever ODed on salvia, and I am sure alot of people have smoked it in large amounts. Myself, I'm gonna light up a bowl of pot when I am done, and talk to my sitter about what happend, then let him have a turn.
  3. Pepopstico

    Pepopstico Member

    yea, start with a small pinch so you dont freak out. gradually increase until you reach your threshold. you'll know when you've had enough.
    If you hit again after coming down the 2nd trip may be milder. more than once in the same session and it's not as intense, though you can build a nice afterglow this way.
  4. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I've done a lot of acid and shrooms, and none of it prepared me for Salvia.

    15x is a pretty stiff mixture to start. I would only put enough in the bowl that you know you can take with one hit. For me, that's a very small amount, sort of like a coin the size of a dime, but half that.

    Everything darkain said is good advice.

    You may not think anything is going to happen after your first hit, but wait about five or ten minutes before trying again (at least).

    When it hits, it hits very fast, and it has a pulling/falling sensation to it.

    After that, I think you're in the realm of your subconcious, and we're all pretty different on that level.

    Remember, it will only last about ten to twenty minutes at the most. Keep telling yourself that if you have a rough ride.

    I really wouldn't start with 15x, but if you have no other choice, what can you do?
  5. Skratch

    Skratch Member

    Just take a pinch or two out of the bag
    smoke it all with the lighter on the shit at all times
    lay back with your eyes closed and relax
    hold it in as long as you can (most of the time I never remember exhaling when it hits me)
    its so fucking wierd

    i dont think music matters by the time it hits you this world dosent exist for another 15-20 minutes

    although i did think the chick on vocals was teasing me right before I came back to earth....

    yea maybe no music for the first time.

    when I lay back with my eyes closed it seems like a 15-20 minute dream nothing to long and its not too spooky if you relax

    just very very strange
  6. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Thanks for all the replys. Yea I guess 15X is a little strong to start out but I don't know how much it will affect me and I didn't want to go to weak for sure, so I'll just use a very little pinch at first. Also I ordered it from a site called seeker shop...ever heard of them? and if so what are your thoughts? Damn the more I read the more I can't wait!!!
  7. WalkTheSky

    WalkTheSky Member

    I suggest staying away from beverages during your trip, I have almost choked to death twice on water while using salvia.
  8. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    That may well be true, but I keep some water handy every time I do it.

    Water has alway stabilized the trip, or brings me down a few notches.

    Bucky, I've never done seeker shop. IAS and Mazatecgarden have been good for me. I hope you're not dissappointed in the Salvia thing - it hits everyone differently.

    What I found out, for me, is that's it's not a party thing or a relaxing thing at all.

    It's not like going to see a friend (weed, beer); it's like going to see a teacher, and a very stern (though perversely humorous) teacher at that.
  9. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Okay drinking may be a bad idea...got it, thanks. Well the stuff coming from seekershop can take its time. I went to iamshaman last night and overnighted some 10X, little weaker for my first time and it will be here tomorrow. I hope I like it as well seeing that so far its legal in PA, I'm sure sooner or later there will be a nation wide ban, uncle sam likes to micro manage our lives, but for now its a open door.

    Oh and with all the reading I have done I don't recall seeing anything on tolerance. Dose your body build up a tolerance to it like it dose most everything els?
  10. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    Let us know how it goes.

    I've heard there is actually a reverse tolerance with Salvia, i.e. instead of having to do more and more, you can do less and less to get the same effect.

    I have not done it enough to vouch for that personally.

    Bon voyage!
  11. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Ok so it showed up this morning and I figured I had enough time to try it before work (4.5 hours). I was still pretty sleepy from just waking up and hadn't had any coffee yet but what the hell, I packed a little in my old bowl. I went really small because I didn't want to have a full out trip yet, so I smoked it all in one hit, held it as long as I could, and waited. I felt something for sure but not enough so I quickly put a little more in and smoked again. This time I got right where I hoped to be, I felt as if I opened my eyes it would all end...but I didn't. It was weird, I felt like a giant hand was trying to pick me up off the bed at first, then there was a little pretty pink and purple patterns. But I guess the real kicker was I thought there was a man and a woman (very fairytail like) looking through my eyes from inside me and laughing, as if I was a pupet or something. But like I've read and you guys told me, it didn't last long. After I did open my eyes I smoked a cig and got something to drink, I did two step a couple times and my limbs felt heavy, oh and I was hungry...I'm never hungry first thing after waking up. Anyway, I like it and will be looking forward to going a little deeper in Sally's world tonight. Thanks for all your help, I'll keep you posted.
  12. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I have something very similar happen to me, every time. It always feels as if somebody else is in there, and they are always kind of laughing, as if it's all a big joke.

    Way to go!

    I think you did it the right way (the way I wish I would have done it).

    Keep us posted.
  13. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Sorry it took me so long to write again. I've played with it a couple more times but still have not left this world, mostly because I don't want to without a sitter. Once I felt like I was on a rocking boat and could not get my balance, just kept going back and forth. I tried listening to music a couple times and the one time the bottom of one of my dressers was quivering along with the music, kinda weird. Probaly the funniest was when I was watching a music video on my computer and I really thought the band lived in my monitor and was only there to sing for me and if I broke the monitor they would die and be gone forever. I do like the after affects a lot though, I feel like the rest of the day I'm thinking more clear and logical, and I'm calmer too. I always feel like there is someone els there (in my head) and feeds on all the stuff I know I should be setting as goals but keep putting off, which is good I guess but still weird. Don't even get me started on the munchies...I get them everytime as soon as I start coming down I'm in the kitchen tearing something up, like three icecream sandwiches...love em.
    Oh I also noticed that during the come down I get cold and have goose bumps yet my feet sweat....what?
  14. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I'm glad to hear it's working for you. I'm still easing my way into it, and will try a quid this weekend if it's not too gloomy outside. I want to have Salvia in my life, off and on, but it's going to take me a long time to understand and enjoy it.
  15. Bucky

    Bucky Member

    Well I got the 15X I ordered and I am in no hurry to use it, heh. But the nice folks from Seekershop sent me a free sample of the plain leaf 1X. So I figured I'd try that tonight because I'm just not in the mood for a strong Sally D night. I just crushed some up and took 2 and a half hits which finished the bowl (holding each one for 15 secs). What a nice little buzz, calmed me down and relaxed me, haha still wanted a ice cream sandwich though. I just might have to get some plain leaf for the times I just want to relax for a while without being out of it for 15 minutes. Just thought that might intrest you tripoli. Really set a nice mood.
  16. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    That's good to know, and I'll keep it in mind.

    I'm going to quid 1g of 1x this weekend, if it's not gloomy. Will try to mix it with a shot or two of vodka because I've heard that helps bring out the good stuff. Not expecting much, just want a baseline to compare to the next quid that I do.

    I do like to just relax with a good smoke, too. But I do like to go "there" every once in a while.

    I thought it was interesting the way you described how you thought more clearly after you'd done it. I've noticed that, too, but couldn't qualify it any more.

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