What should i do?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Flannelwearin'gal, May 14, 2007.

  1. Flannelwearin'gal

    Flannelwearin'gal .robert.johnson.fan.

    ok, so theres this kid I'm dating named Nick. He's awesome and totally cool but theres no.... spark as i would say.

    I mean theres only a few things we have in common.
    we both
    - like Classic Rock
    - like My writing
    -have the Same friends

    thats about it. What i don't like about him is:
    -He hates the one place on Earth that i love more than almost anything, Potosi.
    - He hates Country music
    -He loves!! heavy metal, a lot (i can stand it but only for a little while)
    - He Loves the city cus he skates (i love the country side, im not a city gal)

    thats it, i beat yall are saying " well if you have so many differences the break up" but the think is i helped him through him last break up and if i break up with him , he will feel like really unloved and shit.

    what should i do?
    Go out with him and be uncomfortable to make him happy
    break up with him and make him sad and me happy?
  2. MegaCore

    MegaCore Member

    in my opinion having things in common is not important, but if you dont have any chemistry or spark as you say, u may aswell end it now cos it willl only get harder to do once he starts getting used to you, the only thing you can do is try to do it carefully so as not to hurt him
  3. spooner

    spooner is done.

    do whatever is most fun.
  4. Poem~Girl

    Poem~Girl Member

    do what is in your heart
  5. mlee27

    mlee27 Member

    if you wanted someone exactly like you why date? date yourself. so what if your music likes are little different that's what makes people interesting.
  6. Flannelwearin'gal

    Flannelwearin'gal .robert.johnson.fan.

    ok, we broke up kinda in an agreement

    I said hey this is what we have incommon and this is what we don't and i said i think its best we break up and he was like ok, i see your point.

    hes all fine with it, so its all good

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