What movie was this?

Discussion in 'Romance Movies' started by gulrez, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. gulrez

    gulrez Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I was on google looking for a forum where ther emay be people who could help me recall this movie that has been on my mind for the last week. I honestly cannot get peace till i find out what it was.

    Basically, it's a break up movie. As far as i remember the girl makes the guy promise that he will date a girl every month for 12 months and then they will meet at a tree that was special to them for some reason. At the end of the movie the girl comes back a day early and replaces his letter with one of hers. Does this ring any bells guys?

    Would be eternally greatful!!! I don't remember who the actors were...

  2. GoodGuy121

    GoodGuy121 Guest

    Hey, that movie was actually pretty good. It's called My Sassy Girl, released in 2008. Go ahead and watch it again!
  3. This is a My Sassy Girl, released in 2008. I

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