what kinda light?

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  1. alrite.. i just planted my seed & am wondering what kind of light i'm gonna need.. like what kind of lightbulbs can i use? does it have to be those heat lights or what?
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    and a good grow guide.
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    there are a few options for seedlings you want to use a gentel light like fluorescent tubes which are good for seedlings and starting clones or compact fluorescents which come in higher wattages so can be used for all stages of growth and flowering but you may have to use more than one bulb to avoid stretching or you can get into stronger and more expensive lights which in turn get better results like of the veg stage you can use metal halides and for flowering you can use high pressure sodioum (hps).
    If I had to choose one one of the for mentioned for a all around i would go with a hps
    but beware with the MH and HPS lights heat can become a issue.
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    and a good grow guide!!

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