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  1. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    OUR, Our, or our? But! Not our's.

    Purple implying wizard wise.
    Grey implying dawn wise.
    Black implying great beast wise.


    Automation Appearing Everywhere Here And Now For Seeming This Continually Staying On. For what though? For the beast of man. For the beast of manning 8! (a 8 a manning taking a far journey)...

    For something (which can be just appearance seeming) and being something else (which can be far from how seeming by appearence) are two different aspects of a trap door. Note the 8 laying down in trap door.

    It's all in an opening of the door. d = IV (IV of IV temporary great beasts Satan Core). oo = 8 (Finalization of Eternalization). r = 9 (Labyrinth). Note even how mainly a door has 3 hendges matching the 3.

    ...And Our "Hell No," on OUR externalization manning 8!

    Plus, though grey dawn wise, grey also implying wheel of war on the way side which be no longer gathering together.

    Luckiness then 8-hell the Labyrinth (up right) shine forth a 8 (Finalization of Eternalization) the sun in the luck of "IV Changeable Labyrinth."

    Who surprize IV 2 (too) here, let Hem here.

    ^^Implying a 'witnessing' IV on 2 (part of war against enemy opponent) here (in own reguard of then raw moment of wheel of war) rather than just dawning word truth wise. And the Labyrinth stay holding within the up right 'losing' opponent.

    Who let Hem here. Here by Who takes a Hemming which register live witness wise where Who near. If you're here or it's your here, then Who is there to you here. There will the witnessing to the opponent taking a hemming, be no longer gathering together. In other words, for Who become the no more "there" defining by "near here". "No longer" doesn't imply "not ever at all" nor "not some point before." Rather the phrase implies a finish point.

    Hem 'em up 2

    Remember Scorpion wearing the coward? Get over here!

    Fatality. You cant get when you're taking how Scorpion force (and command) it! So, finish Hem! Ha! Finish a can of ass whooping you taking rather. After Who witness enough, know, X! dont stop while Who end witnessing moment, and Who, then afterward, with things never known or drawn up or useable or experienceable in coward's here and now since such things never been anywhere else non-authentically chosen for.

  2. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Members

    I vote that this is the most annoying post I've ever seen...there should be an epilepsy warning
  3. I agree completely.

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