What is your favorite sex toy?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by GBBlondie, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Micheal9

    Micheal9 Members

    I’ve had a lot of toys, the fleshlight is probably one of the best. I was skeptical at first but won’t disappoint.
  2. Warmwet

    Warmwet Members

    I like to ride a dildo, makes me cum so hard
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  3. Justinsky

    Justinsky Members

    How big is your dildo?
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  4. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    image.jpeg We have 6 different vibes or dildos and nipple clamps. This is the best. She likes to watch my cock jump, uncontrolled, as she gets close to me. Her orgasms are full body. It's so very powerful.
  5. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    Question for the ladies. My wife has sensitive nipples. Loves me sucking and playing with them. Nipple vibes worth anything ?
  6. kanadoll

    kanadoll New Member

    There is no such thing as best sex toy for everybody. Everyone is a little bit different than the other with different things he likes. There are good and quality sex toys for woman and there are for man. There are good sex toys for straight couples as well as for gays and lesbians. There are amazing clitoris stimulation vibrators and there are G--Spot specific vibrators and dildos.
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  7. solis1916

    solis1916 Members

    Not to make you hard, A cock ring helps you stay hard longer by preventing yours from coming. A couple of weeks ago I bought this one from and it definitely worked for me.
  8. solis1916

    solis1916 Members

    The bad thing about a vibrating ring is that it makes you come due to the vibrations. It is better if you used it with a penis desensitizer.
  9. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    My wife loves her Hitachi and the tease as she lightly touches me with it. Returning then to her clitty. My cock will uncontrollably jump.
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  10. Mark98765

    Mark98765 Members

    Me and the mrs have a few. Mainly all mine now because shes gone off them. My new favourite one is the lbgt rainbow dildo from bondora and hers is her wand that we got off amazon to try from bedgeek
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  11. Mizzie

    Mizzie New Member

    It helps your erection stay hard, bigger and longer lasting try a vibration cock ring..the vibrations should stimulate him and you.
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  12. Mizzie

    Mizzie New Member

    Okay so id go with love beads or small plug getting started and alot of lubricant, if you are really unsure id try an anal ease spray or cream. This site has great range and affordable :wink:
    Kink Industries Ease In Anal Dilator Kit
  13. Mizzie

    Mizzie New Member

    Ohh you dont know what your missing..give it a try you will be suprised so much choice out there check it out here Personal Passions not mentioning the health benifits you'll be suprised:smiley:
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  14. Mizzie

    Mizzie New Member

    Okay so mine has to be the Doxy!! Delivers a strong vibration that penetrates deep into the body, not very quiet but results you get will drown that out.. thank god for pillows :laughing: Doxy Wand Massager White
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  15. DouglassPyles49

    DouglassPyles49 Members

    Magic Wand massager
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  16. RBecca

    RBecca Members

    it absolutely is. Truly a couples toy. We have 3. Plug in, rechargeable and our bbc
  17. Darkenblood69

    Darkenblood69 Members

    Strapon !!! But now I have noone to use :( on me
  18. megsovereasy

    megsovereasy Members

    my current fave is my butt plug
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  19. Adriannah18

    Adriannah18 Members

    Bonjour tout le monde,
    Les sextoys fabriqués avec du silicone comme les vibromasseurs et les dildos sont au top, car ils sont simplement doux au toucher et malléable.
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  20. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    when my girl and I use an 18 inch double headed dildo. One end in her puss and the other in my butt. The best sex ever for me. It is absolutely addictive.

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