What is your diet like now?

Discussion in 'You Are What You Eat!' started by skip, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Peterness

    Peterness Member

    I've been vegetarian (ovo-lacto) for about a year and a half.

    I think my diet is okay but there is definitely room for improvement. I am by no means fat but I think i've been putting on a little weight recently (not all of it muscle). At the moment I have a very active physical job working in a factory , I burn a lot of calories and use a lot of muscles in both my lower and upper body, there's a lot of very heavy lifting and pulling involved.

    I'd like to modfy my vegetarian diet so I put on more muscle and less fat. At weekends i'm very lazy with food and will eat pizzas and vegetarian chinese/thai/indian takeaways, and I do like my chocolate a bit too much at the moment too!
    So I think i'd like to be able to learn how to make decent vegetarian snack food especially so I cut out the processed junk (crisps) and chocolate.
    I'm quite a good cook but with my job i'm feeling too exhausted to spend loads of time cooking a decent dinner.

    I'd also like to try some of the detox diets on offer.

    On weekdays I generally eat:

    Breakfast: Toast with chickpea pate or mushroom pate.

    Lunch: Egg and mayoniase sandwhiches (homemade and free range) and 4 wraps with rocket, lettuce, kidney beans in a mild chilli sauce.

    Afternoon snack: Pasta with green and black olives, tomatos, cucumber, in a sauce like pesto. Sometimes also a chocolate bar and/or paket of crisps.

    Dinner: Really can be anything (from nutroast to mushroom rissoto). But usually includes 3 portions of vegetables. Often includes potato, mashed or boiled.

    Pudding: Usually don't bother, but sometimes have a cake or chocolate.

    Supper: Again usually don't bother but if I do i'll just have something very light like a banana or some toast.

    My overall health condition:

    I'm over 11 and a half stone, my height is 5'10. Generally feel quite healthy and fit. But there are a few health problems:
    One underlying medical problem is tinnitus in my left ear. This is made worse with stress or tiredness or with stimulants like caffiene (Only caffiene I now drink is from green tea). Generally it's a well managed condition though. Buddhist meditation has had the advanatge of helping with the stress and thus the tinnitus.
    Another problem I have is poor circulation. I feel the cold very easily (my sister is the same so I assume it's genetic) and this doesn't help with my joints (family has history of both the forms of arthritus).

    In conclusion recently i've really started listening to and being in tune with my body a lot more and I do value my health a lot more than I used to as a result.
  2. Divinaeon

    Divinaeon Member

    Well, to begin, I'm vegetarian - mostly because meat just doesn't taste very good to me, but also for political reasons (i.e. animal cruelty, etc.). I don't really watch what I eat, but it definitely depends on what kind of mood I'm in...when I'm stressed, I tend to eat a lot of junk food, but I also have moments where I feel very health conscious and will only eat organic, locally grown vegetables, eggs, etc. I don't really consider myself overweight (I'm 6' and 210lbs.), but I could definitely lose a bit...and the love handles. I'm a big sucker for chocolate (mostly when it's in the house), but equally for leafy green vegetables.

    Basically, I'm vegetarian all the time, but aside from that - it all depends on what mood I'm in, and where I am.
  3. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    My diet really varies from one day to the next. I eat alot though, mostly after 6 pm, I get the insatiable need to eat. I can eat a little all day but after 6 I am starving. SO for an example when I wake, I have 1/2 milk 1/2 espresso coffee, sometimes I have 2 cups but usually one. Then I drink a large glass of water and then I usually have a cigarette and more water. For Lunch I love to have soup or salad or both with sourdough bread and butter. Or whatever is left over from last night. For dinner I'll eat potatoes rice or beans some meat and/or veggies, I love seafood mostly. I like to drink herbal tea at night or hot cocoa. Throughout the day I snack on raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and the occasional peice of chocolate (ok lots of chocolate) I also drink lots of water all day, and %100 juice. I don't like soda, colored or "flavored" things either. (Reeds extra ginger beer is an exception, but I don't drink em often)
  4. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Bags under the eyes is a reflection of poor blood circulation and/or genetics. Do other ppl in your family have similar bags? Do you get regular exercise? Those are more likely causes than what you eat! :)

    So don't expect to see changes there by changing your diet only.

    As far as skipping lunch, I do that everyday now, and it's helped me to lose weight and increase my energy levels!

    We are brainwashed and programmed into eating certain things at certain times of the day. This is mostly consumer marketing that got drummed into us and our parents.

    Young kids are far more aware of when it's really time to eat than adults. I remember when I was a kid being forced to sit down and eat a whole meal, even if I wasn't hungry. And at other times I was so hungry I would get headaches but either it wasn't time to eat or we were traveling and food wasn't available.

    So your body KNOWS when you are ready to eat. You need only pay attention to it. So if you're not hungry at lunchtime, don't eat!

    Everyone's body is different, but everyone's body is also SMART enough to know when it needs more fuel. Trust your body! :)
  5. usfcat

    usfcat CaterCreeps

    My diet is pretty all over the place. Some days I eat very healthy, and other times i find it really hard to find time to get healthy foods. I love to cook when I can. I make Indian vegetarian dishes over rice at least once a week and I also love to make tacos with black beans and such. I rarely eat a dessert...maybe twice a week. My naughty vice is soda. I drink soda every day almost. And beer a few times a week with dinner.
    I gave up red meat 3 months ago. I'd eventually like to go vegetarian but I am easing my way into it.
    Lately I've been eating a lot of candy...only because it's Halloween time, lol.
    I'm also on a very intense workout schedule. I do high-intensity workouts for 45+ minutes 4 times a week. This is how I keep from getting fat from all that damn soda and candy.
  6. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Congrats on giving up the red meat! That's a good thing for many reasons.

    Easing your way to vegetarianism is a good thing, because you're changing your eating habits gradually, which is more effective in the long run than a cold turkey approach, which can turn some people off entirely if they don't know what they're doing...

    Some people will go cold turkey if they've had a recent experience that turns them off to meat - forever. Visiting a slaughterhouse is a good way. Getting very sick on some bad meat is another. Having a mind-expanding LSD trip or getting into Yoga are a couple of others (those two did it for me!).
  7. IlUvMuSIc

    IlUvMuSIc Senior Member

    Most of the time im too lazy to eat... Rather go on the swings :) Im the only one with the bags...
  8. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    my current diet is much dependent on whats on sale, sadly. i'm definately a college student with low income.. so although i believe in eating healthy, i have resorted to ramen and cereal, tv dinners (yuck!), mac and cheese and such. Its really hard to afford much...
    i try to have a glass of red wine with dinner (not to be drunk!) since its good for the heart ... but i typically dont have time to be drinking.
    my health? well the doctor says I'm fine. I am the weight i'm supposed to be. I'm not "in shape" though since I dont like working out (purely because i dont like the idea of making your body overworked like that), though I do yoga when I have time (so not often). I have weak lungs and my hands shake a lot.. not sure why my hands do that. i take multivitamins each day, though. Psychologically, i have anxiety problems that I try to keep under control by going for walks and such. Oh and when its not winter, I ride my bike everywhere.

    i dont like writing this out. i know its awful how i currently live :tongue:
  9. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    It may be difficult to write about one's food failings, but it's therapeutic! You raise your own awareness about your diet, which can only help. :)

    Are you drinking caffeine each day? If so, how much? That could be causing your hands to shake.

    Also if you spend tons of time online, sitting with your arms in the same position, your hands might be shaking because they need more circulation and exercise.

    If you have limited income, that's really not a good excuse for eating poorly. Instead you should devote more time to preparing good meals from scratch, which will always be cheaper than store bought prepared meals, even mac & cheese!

    Although I have found it more difficult and expensive to feed just one person rather two or more splitting the costs. This is because buying fresh produce for one person can be wasteful. For instance a head of lettuce might go bad before you consume it all.
  10. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    Right now I don't like my diet, I eat way too much, exersize too little and work more than I should. Not to mention seeing how the world is changing so fast and it just keeps changing faster than we can keep up with on old habits of overfishing, overconsumption of meats, and the depletion of soil.
    I also have bad lungs from smoking, but I have cut back to 1-3 american spirit a day and I am hoping to stop completely because I think I actually eat more when I smoke. (something about getting the taste out of my mouth)
    Oh and often I am the house cook, and my old man won't eat anything unless I make it. He is 130 lbs at 6' and needs to gain weight. (he's lost 40 lbs in the last year) So I have to put a little more fats in the food~ this is bad for me, great for him.
  11. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    That's odd that you should be overweight and your old man is underweight...esp. if you eat your meals together (the same food). What did he do to lose 40 pounds? (I hope it's not your cooking...lol!)

    What usually happens when ppl stop smoking is they end up eating more because they can TASTE the food once again. It also helps with the oral fixation...

    I think cutting out/down on butter, sweets and salt (which contributes to water retention), you'll get a good start on your new diet. :)
  12. Pharoah

    Pharoah Member

    When I got pregnant he drank hard alcohol for 3 years every day non stop, I moved out because he was becoming more depressed and aggressive, it was too much for me to handle having a baby in the house. At the time he was a healthy man but his body started to break down. Now his liver/stomach/bowles and who knows what are very damaged. When he decided it was enough he was bleeding from every orafice and I was taking care of him most of that time. So now he no longer drinks and I still don't live with him. Certain foods will cause him to bleed all over again, like alot of meat, dairy and some other Store Bought foods. He won't eat anyone elses cooking because it usually makes him bleed from his ass (sorry but you asked how he lost so much weight) I have learned what hurts him and what doesnt and I make food based on that. He has learned about how detrimental certain things can be in your body and he is picky eater now. Belive me it is alot better than living with an alcoholic.
    As for me, I'm the heaviest I've ever been (except of course during pregnancy) which is 140 lbs at 5'2" tall. I don't really care too much about losing weight, but I want to be healthy, breathe well and enjoy my life.
  13. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Ok, I would've never figured all that out! Sorry to hear he's in such a state.

    You know I completely forgot to mention alcohol in the Not For Human Consumption thread...

    I guess I can say something about it now.

    Alcohol is a toxic poison as most ppl know. In fact, it's a killer, on a par with tobacco.

    Whether alcohol plays any beneficial role is up for debate. It can calm you down when stressed out, and some studies show that a small amount on a regular basis can help your heart, probably by reducing one's usual stressed out state.

    It has a depressing effect upon the nervous system, lowering the pulse rate, which of course would be better for your heart in low doses.

    But moderate to heavy use of alcohol can definitely have profound negative consequences. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease with no perfect cure. So I can't recommend such use at all.

    I'd say more than three drinks a day is overdoing it, especially if done regularly. Even that third drink can be too much for those who weigh under 150 pounds.

    The diets we shall be discussing in this class either don't address alcohol or reject it completely.

    Since alcohol is made from fruit or vegetables, it can be considered part of a vegetarian diet, however most vegetarians are well aware of its effects and imbibe modestly if at all.

    The one diet to definitely reject alcohol is the Ayurvedic diet, which we won't be getting into except when we touch upon its teachings. Ayurvedic and Yogic teachings (from India) clearly state that fermented beverages are not desirable, although yogurt can be (a fermented dairy product) because it doesn't produce alcohol.

    Ayurveda and Yoga reject anything toxic or that irritates the body, although in Ayurveda, alcohol is used to create certain herbal medicines.

    Modern alcohol is usually industrially grown and processed, which carries its own impact upon our environment. Where I live so much land is devoted to vineyards, driving up property costs and requiring more food to be shipped in that could be grown locally.

    Of course the social costs of alcohol/alcoholism are enormous and by consuming alcohol we all support the industry that promotes its use, especially to young people.
  14. shrooms37

    shrooms37 Member

    i'm fairly healthy. i'm already a partial vegetarian. i cheat sometimes. :) i'm allergic to walnuts and cashews. i also don't eat butter, milk, white flour, and probly some other things i cant think of now. i don't eat them b/c white flour is bad but i can't eliminate white sugar yet. my mom doesn't like my eating habits which is why i have to cheat sometimes. oh and i only use sea salt.
  15. shrooms37

    shrooms37 Member

    i eat fairly healthy and i love healthy foods. im obsessed. so i plan on opening a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. anyways, i don't eat white flour or sugar or table salt. i also don't eat a lot of junk food except doritos. i love them with a passion. i usually eat breakfast, an after school snack, and supper. usually cereal for breakfast but today i had pancakes b/c i was bored and woke up early. for a snack it's usually fruit or yogurt, a PBJ sandwich, or doritos. and dinner is whatever me or my mom makes. i've fasted before. i've done a 2 week juice fast to cleanse my body and i also did a detox fast and a green tea fast. and thats about it. i eat alot of raw foods like fruits and veggies. and i also eat alot of bread and spaghetti sauce.
  16. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Shrooms, seems like you're pretty conscious about your diet, which is great! Having done a long two week fast means you do have a lot of self-control and you shouldn't have much difficulty falling into a new diet if you really commit yourself.

    Your current food "handicaps" are still sugar and salt. Yes you are still craving salt in those doritos. And they aren't made with sea salt, either. They're also deep fried, which probably no longer are made using transfats, but still fried foods are unhealthy, esp. one so highly processed as doritos (which are made from GM corn).

    Breads and spaghetti sauce are also high in salt.

    You can alter your diet slightly to make it MUCH healthier! Instead of PBJ, make it a PBB sandwich, peanut butter and banana (my fave!), resulting in less processed sugar being eaten. You might also want to buy organic, unsweetened, unsalted peanut butter too.

    Little changes like that can improve your long-term health (avoiding diabetes for one).

    I'm not sure which diet you were thinking of adopting, but I'd suggest the raw food or mucusless diet for you for cleansing out again.

    I don't think it's a bad thing if people have one or two exceptions to their diet now and then. We all have something we really like to eat that isn't great for us.

    However, it is useful to come to terms with why we crave that unhealthy food. What is there about our diet or lifestyle that has us craving something we shouldn't be eating?

    Usually it's a nutritional deficiency because we aren't eating a certain type of food that we could be eating to get what we are missing.

    In your instance, the Dorito craving is a sign you may be lacking salt or fats in your diet. It might also be because you eat a lot of processed wheat products primarily, and your body is craving another source of grain protein like corn. In this case you might want to eat a healthier type of corn, like fresh organic corn, or fresh corn tortillas.

    Also since you probably eat the doritos alone, the only complete protein you get is from the fats in the doritos, not from the corn which requires a complementary protein like beans to be more satisfying (you might eat less doritos if you used them to eat a bean dip, say).

    So you see you can engage in this type of deep analysis of those foods you shouldn't be eating, and then come up with ways to mitigate your cravings or at least reduce your consumption.

    You didn't discuss what your mother makes for dinner, so there might be more clues and foods to avoid there too.
  17. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I guess I would say I have changed my eating habits somewhat in the last year. I now have a dorm room to myself at the moment, which is also nice.

    Breakfast: still drinking coffee (usually straight-up black coffee...I don't even buy sugar for anything) fruit~favorites are oranges, cantaloupe, & strawberries. There are times I will fill a blender with strawberries & melons and just drink my fruit.
    I will have a yogurt about once a week now, and my newest thing for breakfast is ~a package of instant oatmeal, spoonful of peanut butter, and 1/2 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder. I have that 2-3 times a week.

    Lunch~is usually a salad, but sometimes (like yesterday) I will have an eggplant parmasen sandwich at the cafeteria. About once a month I will get salmon..also from the cafeteria.

    Dinnertime~ well I go to bed early and after work I don't feel like making anything, so I will have another salad or just munch on microwave popcorn, larabars, or more fruit.

    I rarely have any soda or smirnoff these days.
  18. Mgmlovespeace

    Mgmlovespeace Member

    well i practically eat everything except red meat oh i cant eat acid things like a lot of spagetti sauce or onion because i have irritable bowel syndrome
  19. I covered a lot of this in my intro post, but here goes. . .

    I am 5'1" tall, and 160 lbs. With my body type and genetics, my healthy weight is around 130-140 lbs. I was 145ish for around three years. I have been in a bad family situation since puberty (1996), but this year it got seriously worse. The gain, I am almost certain, came from the stress combined with my full-time desk job and full-time university life. I literally have no time for exercise. I wake up, go to work, then RUSH to school and RUSH home to get a few hours of sleep before work. I have never fasted, save the days when I just forget to eat, but am considering it at this point. I am just worried that my husband (not the source of bad family issues) will get upset. He knows how nervous I've been, and an anorexia panic will not help the problem. If I try one, I will have to hide it from him.

    I went lacto-ovo-veg this summer, with his complete support. The main challenge is reminding him to eat meat, since his underweight body just will not function without it. We mostly eat pastas, with lots of fresh garlic. We love alliums of all kinds: chives, garlic, onions, whatever.

    I do need to cut down on the sugar, I think, because the reason I changed my diet was to avoid diabetes (the bane of my family) and lose weight. Unfortunately, with a college lifestyle the sugars have skyrocketed. I think that if I just switched from soda that will solve a lot of it.
  20. Padme

    Padme Member

    I am very thin and prone to migraines/headaches and I try to eat 5-6 mini-meals a day to maintain my energy and blood sugar. There are many things I can't eat which maybe possible headache triggers (Including pickled, smoked foods) I eat balanced meals with meat, veggies, fruits and whole grain carbs. I stay away from fast food and vending machine junk food. I do have a sweet tooth though and sometimes will eat homemade bakery goodies and ice-cream. I try not to be too obsessed (As I've had a history of anorexia) and eat for health rather than weight loss.

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