What is this girl thinking?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by funniegal, Sep 3, 2013.

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    I met this girl at a cafe. On the very first day we met, we shared a passionate kiss when her boyfriend was present. I didn't thought much about it because we were both drunk. We had subsequent meetings and she would always initiate to hold my hands and we would flirt and so on. When she broke up with her boyfriend, she told me i was one of the first that she spoke to. After the break up, I went with her to a bar and we had a really passionate kiss that had me nearly exploding but because of the monthly inconveniences, we had to stop. (Not that we would proceed if i didnt had that). Anyway, I asked her out after that night and tried to advance to her but strangely, she rejected me. She hinted to me to find another lady as she's straight. I told her via SMS that I like her but she told me that she treated me only as a friend. Realising that I was being played, I went MIA...

    Out of the blue (After several months), she msged me. Surprised, I replied. We had a casual conversation and because I was out of town, i told her i would talk to her when Im back. She asked me why didn't i invite her and i said, all right, we can go togt when im back. She agreed and now, we are actually planning a trip to go overseas together...

    Here's the thing I want to ask before i commit to going overseas with her. If i were to go overseas with her, things are bound to happen. However, I don't know what she's thinking as she knows that I like her, rejected me but yet agrees to go overseas with me. Is she intending to go on this trip with me as a normal friend or does she want to take things further?
  2. funniegal

    funniegal Guest

    I forget to add on that during the period where we were flirting with each other, I would see her holding hands with other girls and she would flirt with guys right in front of me as well. Is she simply a slut?
  3. Don't plan anything with her until you find out what her true intentions are

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